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File: Compact Vendor10-15-20
I'm glad this hits the spot. It's n...
Posted By: Vlad
I'm glad this hits the spot. It's not the same as the originals, I based these on those addons as they are great but noticed with the expansions stuff break ever so slowly, so tried to write it from scratch and clean stuff up.
File: Advanced XP Bar10-15-20
Not a problem. I'll keep updating a...
Posted By: Vlad
Not a problem. I'll keep updating as long as I keep playing and finding use for my addons.
File: Compact Vendor Filter10-15-20
Re: Issues with tooltip hooks
Posted By: Vlad
Please could you look again at how you set hooks on GameTooltip-type objects? I see you have hooked SetMerchantItem and SetMerchantCostItem (to set a flag called EnableHooks), and these hooks are applied to every GameTooltip-type object. However the hooks are not calling back the correct old function in every case, they all cal...
File: Battle Pet Tabs02-02-20
Re: Battle Pet Tabs affected by SetPoint error
Posted By: Vlad
Hi Barleduq, Thanks for the error report. Sorry for the slow replies and updates, but I also noticed this with the patch that came and by now I think it's fixed, but let me know if you have problems still. Can always PM me directly if you have concerns you wish me to reply to quicker, you seem like a very active person on here! :)...
File: MiniLoot10-04-19
Any chance of a classic version?...
Posted By: Vlad
Any chance of a classic version? Sorry for slow updates. I need to improve my update routine to also push out to wowinterface, and not only twitch. But yes I did update my addon to support classic recently!
File: Compact Vendor08-09-19
Re: Re: Re: Size
Posted By: Vlad
Being able to scale the size would be awesome. Try the latest update. Type /compactvendor scale 1.2 to make the list 20% larger. Just have to /console reloadui between adjustments as the frames have to re-render properly. I didn't get around to making the command not require a UI reload as of yet, nor a UI in the options with a...
File: Compact Vendor08-05-19
Re: Size
Posted By: Vlad
Is there any way to make the item lines a bit larger? They are too small for my old eyes as they are. Looks like you do that in the XML file. If you can let me know what lines pertain to the line item size it will save me a bunch of figuring out of what you are doing. Then I can just adjust it to what works for me. Thanks!...
File: MiniLoot10-08-16
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Possible error
Posted By: Vlad
Would you recommend a chat mod that works well with your own in the meantime? I will be highly biased, as I have been using Prat since TBC and highly enjoy it, but then I know all the in and outs of the config options so that also helps make it look how I want. :P But it's not Phanxchat that causes this issue. Because this is w...
File: MiniLoot09-27-16
Re: Re: Re: Possible error
Posted By: Vlad
I use Phanxchat only, are there any logs I can grab for you to help diagnose? I will grab Phanxchat and try it out, see what I make out of it. 1x AddOn 'MiniLoot' hat versucht die geschützte Funktion 'JoinBattlefield()' aufzurufen. That is probably because I use DropDown templates and the InterfaceOptions, there are some si...
File: MiniLoot09-19-16
Re: Possible error
Posted By: Vlad
Has this output been seen before? Is it indeed Miniloot being tainted by some other addon? http://puu.sh/r2OWE/e5a823e9bc.jpg If you use BasicChatMods I advise you to update it to the latest version. It is definetly a chat related addon. I'll gladly help figure it out, if the suggestion doesn't solve the issue. :)
File: MiniLoot08-10-16
Hi when i use the timestamp module...
Posted By: Vlad
Hi when i use the timestamp module from basicchatmods i get this output http://i.imgur.com/AAGh24R.jpg . Yeah. I am working on this issue with the author. In any case, thanks for the report. :)
File: Chat History08-08-16
I will upload the latest version la...
Posted By: Vlad
I will upload the latest version later today. It will start on a fresh log, but it will be better than the old one.
File: Chef's Hat08-07-16
Re: Re: Update needed for &.03 Patch
Posted By: Vlad
Can we please get an update for the latest patch please :banana: Updated it for Legion.
File: MiniLoot08-05-16
I checked Ignore section, nothing i...
Posted By: Vlad
I checked Ignore section, nothing is checked, and unchecking Item Loot in the chat tab removes your addons messages too. If it helps I am using BenikUI v3 I will try installing BenikUI v3 and checking. What language is your game in?
File: [DISCONTINUED] NPCScanEx08-04-16
why has this been discontinued?...
Posted By: Vlad
why has this been discontinued? For Legion I went over my addons and decided what to update, and considered that NPCScan is getting old, the rare system was changed completely, and wasn't sure of the worth NPCScanEx added to NPCScan. It should still work as I doubt the NPCScan addon has changed much. Do you think I should keep...
File: Chat History08-04-16
This addon still works in 7.0.3 wit...
Posted By: Vlad
This addon still works in 7.0.3 with pretty much no issues apart from a rare error. Why don't you update it? A lot of chat addons dont have this functionality by themselves :( Hi. I didn't think anyone used it, so for Legion I went over the list and decided on what to update. But since you are showing interest, I can update thi...
File: MiniLoot07-30-16
Getting error when i open interface...
Posted By: Vlad
Getting error when i open interface options which doesn't let me change output frame. I found out its a conflict with LEATRIX PLUS if you use it to disable the combat log frame. If you enable it back there is no errors and it works fine. Interesting. I have fixed this error in the next update. Thanks for the report! How do I get...
File: BuffTimers (for the default UI)02-28-15
Re: Translucent change.
Posted By: Vlad
I'm glad that someone has been keeping this up! I do have a question tough, what line do I need to change so that all the numbers are not translucent at all? I find that when I look over the buffs I look harder to make sure the time is correct on the more translucent buffs. You can open the BuffTimers.lua file and look at line 4...
File: Candy Buckets11-01-14
Re: Re: Re: Can't get addon to work :(
Posted By: Vlad
Tried without other addons? I heard some map addons could break the behavior of Candy Buckets. With things not being properly up to date yet these things can happen. So far most people seem to use it without issues, so it might be other addons not playing nice together that break the icons. Try the latest update and let me know...
File: MiniLoot10-27-14
Posted a reply on the thread.
Posted By: Vlad
Posted a reply on the thread.
File: Candy Buckets10-23-14
Re: Not parsing faction in outland
Posted By: Vlad
It will show both quests and label them by faction in the latest version. You need to visit the faction appropriate for you. If no faction is picked you can't visit any of those. :) So yesterday I was walking through Outland picking up the candy, and I found that I had both the scryers and aldor buckets noted on the map. So, li...
File: Friend List Colors10-22-14
Hei! Sadly the only colors at the m...
Posted By: Vlad
Hei! Sadly the only colors at the moment are level and class. You did nothing wrong. :) https://github.com/Vladinator89/wow-addon-friendlistcolors hi, i really like your addon and all the options. thanks! just one question: is there a possibility to add a tag? or did i just something wrong?
File: MiniLoot10-22-14
@DaemonSambe Would you like to try...
Posted By: Vlad
@DaemonSambe Would you like to try and backup your "Miniloot.wtf" file in the WTF folder, then delete it from there to reset the addon settings to default? Looks like you are a old timer as the settings mix up from the old and the current generation. :P When I get home from work I'll check out the issues by loading your own config...
File: MiniLoot10-21-14
Re: Candy Buckets
Posted By: Vlad
With I noticed this issue in and hotfixed it with a minipatch an hour later. If the issue persists it might be something else turned on for you, but turned off for me - in the addon settings. Gotta look this up if you use the latest version. I was just doing the Holiday candy Buckets and noticed a disc...
File: Candy Buckets10-19-14
Re: Can't get addon to work :(
Posted By: Vlad
Try the latest update and let me know. :)