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File: Yulu UI08-26-18
Posted By: hazelton
looks great
File: oUF Phanx08-01-18
BFA 8.0 ?
Posted By: hazelton
I love this oUF more than anyother and i hope to use it for the rest of Legion and for BFA in my main UI. Hoping that you are able to update this soon. Pretty Please.
File: Altz UI for BFA04-18-18
I am getting the same issue as the...
Posted By: hazelton
I am getting the same issue as the below poster. NADA, I know how to install addons, it is installed properly but nothing. no congif option, no pop up upon entering game. I feel like an idiot as can't seem to install the addon. Whenever I am trying to install i have the following issue : I extracted addons in the interface fol...
File: SyncUI03-21-18
Syncrow loving the UI again, missed...
Posted By: hazelton
Syncrow loving the UI again, missed it very much. Would there be a way to add a threat indicator on the raid frames in Heal mode? that would be fantastic. rather keep your frames for healing that us different ones.
File: SyncUI03-09-18
Big thanks
Posted By: hazelton
Thanks a ton Syncrow for the updates it is so very appreciated you don't even know how much I missed your UI. Hope you are enjoying the rest of Legion yourself.
File: oUF Phanx02-08-18
Love your oUF edit, but this is hap...
Posted By: hazelton
Love your oUF edit, but this is happening ... https://imgur.com/a/vdKLI
File: oUF_Karma02-04-18
Gray bar on the end of target and Player
Posted By: hazelton
whats this gray bar and how to fix ? https://imgur.com/a/EGbzZ
File: Qulight UI11-21-17
One of the best!
Posted By: hazelton
One of the best UIs posted to this site, Love it
File: OwD UI11-02-15
Posted By: hazelton
Thank you for posting a UI that is not just a minor tweak on already existing ones(not that they are bad because of it). Its refreshing to see some different looks! Kudos