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File: The Undermine Journal03-21-21
I've been seeing this for a while,...
Posted By: Breakbeat
I've been seeing this for a while, but much more frequently recently. For example, right now, the addon in-game is giving me 0.01 for the 3-day and 14-day price on a Missive of Haste on my server. The regional prices appear correct, but checking the server prices on Underminejournal.com (and via common sense) reveals that they ce...
File: Dominos Classic09-01-19
Working fine for me in 8.2.18. Tha...
Posted By: Breakbeat
Working fine for me in 8.2.18. Thanks!
File: Dominos Classic08-31-19
XP Bar Black in 8.2.16
Posted By: Breakbeat
The title pretty much says it all. Despite messing with configuration, the XP bar just appears as a black strip. Rolled back to 8.2.15-classic and the problem is not present. Thanks!
File: InFlight09-06-17
Feature Request / Suggestion re: Argus Teleporters
Posted By: Breakbeat
Hello, Just a quick suggestion, thanks so much for this great addon. Been using it for ages! Anyway, I'm assuming the zones in Argus are treating teleporters like flight points, because using one causes InFlight to pop up (with a 2-5 second "flight" time). Would there be a way to stick in an option to have it not be trigger...
File: Better Battle Pet Tooltip12-21-14
Bug in
Posted By: Breakbeat
No LUA error on this one. When you mouseover a pet indicator on the minimap, the tooltip continually repeats to the bottom of the screen. http://imgur.com/XUplSh3 Thanks.