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File: Altoholic02-15-21
Re: Re: Missing Characters and Unable to Delete Characters
Posted By: Rhaevyn
Hi, I see two possible reasons: either the add-on is not properly enabled for all alts (which I doubt, but worth checking), or you have one or multiple active filters that only show the alts that match those filters (ex: a filter by profession or class..) Thank you! OMG I feel like such a dunce. It was the profession filter,...
File: Altoholic02-13-21
Missing Characters and Unable to Delete Characters
Posted By: Rhaevyn
Hey Thaoky! I love this addon. No problems other than title. I'll expound a bit. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/98/e4/f1/98e4f1b080ec56f2a7ce1e2f6325f5bb.png As you can see from the image, no matter what toon I'm on, it only shows my Pally, on either faction. I hovered the gold to show you the ridiculous amount of toons the...
File: MissingFlightPaths01-19-21
Might there be any chance of having...
Posted By: Rhaevyn
Might there be any chance of having the green exclamation points also show up on the world map as an option? This. 100% this. Glad to hear it's upcoming. This is going to be a lifesaver, there is no other addon that does this and I appreciate Lypidius' work on this. Can't wait! EDIT: I was wondering if you were also going...
File: AdiBags - Shadowlands01-14-21
Posted By: Rhaevyn
Thanks for this upgrade for AdiBags. Since I can't find where/how to contact the original author of AdiBags maybe you could help? I have this strange thing happen at Bank and Auction House, these extra or duplicate windows. I've looked through every setting I could find in Adibags and ELVUI which I also use and for the life of me...
File: Immersion01-01-21
Great Addon!
Posted By: Rhaevyn
I absolutely adore this addon. It's incredible how it really makes you read things, and having everything removed in the options clearly has you focusing on the Immersion frames and is a really clever and artistic work. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful addon with us.
File: Aspect Of The Hunter12-31-20
This sounds really amazing as I hav...
Posted By: Rhaevyn
This sounds really amazing as I have several hunters. Pet taming is such an addiction. When I install it and play with it a bit I'll come back and let you know how it's doing. Thanks for your work, it really does look like a great tool to have.
File: QuestClicks12-31-20
You do know that the quest/objectiv...
Posted By: Rhaevyn
You do know that the quest/objective tracker already has the icons of the items next to the quest, yes? I mean yours if very fancy, but I was just curious.
File: MoveAnything12-29-20
Finding a Frame
Posted By: Rhaevyn
I've spent the last 40 minutes going through every damn option in each section trying to find that world/zone/extra power thing that pops up over your action bars? Mine is smack in the center of the two rows of bars I have and for the life of me I can't find it. I used that stack thingy whatever, that gives that blue pop up with...
File: Shadowlands patch12-07-20
Patch for what??
Posted By: Rhaevyn
Patch for what??
File: The Undermine Journal12-02-20
This was updated Dec 1 2020 so I ha...
Posted By: Rhaevyn
This was updated Dec 1 2020 so I had assumed it was compatible with Shadowlands? WoW is telling me the mod is out of date. Is it still safe to use?