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File: Dalaran University - DST fix07-24-09
Just to note this is actually worki...
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Just to note this is actually working. Nobody was using it at the time on the server however now more people have begun to grab it and just advertised it on the main WoW forum for the server I am on. :banana:
File: Dalaran University - DST fix07-22-09
Could you please tinker with the co...
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Could you please tinker with the code, just found this and I only need two more books, it is a nightmare waiting for it maybe who knows the time to pop. Puhlease update it.
File: Cartographer_QuestInfo06-21-09
Re: Re: Updates?
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This causes an error on one computer (stops all chat) but on the other computer it works fine. Both computers have same mods but it will not work with out causing error by blocking chat. Originally posted by ffxiedyn when i check "load out of date addons" it stays forever checked... wonder why yours does not?
File: Cartographer02-21-09
Which is better Carbonite or Cartgo...
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Which is better Carbonite or Cartgographer? I used Cartographer but the amount of things that where packed in was a bit silly where as Carbonite seems to be quite light. Any advice would be good.
File: Cartographer_QuestInfo10-27-08
Originally posted by jinleileiking...
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Originally posted by jinleileiking where did you two get the CA??? It seems the Cartographer on www.curse.com is not workable! uninstall and install the version in wowi (using wowinterface updater) Could you link the Cartographer here on wowinterface please the one I see on search doesn't seem to have been updated. I d...
File: Cartographer_QuestInfo10-25-08
I can't seem to get this to load....
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I can't seem to get this to load. Am I missing and additional cartographer add on to run this new release? Below is everything I have in Cartographer. http://img183.imageshack.us/my.php?image=whatihavejm3.jpg
File: Cartographer01-23-07
To add a note, bring up the main ma...
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To add a note, bring up the main map and hold CTRL and press right click. ------------------------------- Could anyone tell me how to expand the main map as it appears very squashed (too squashed for my old eyes)? Thank you