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File: Auctioneer03-26-12
Re: Not matching my own price?
Posted By: dinesh
I've noticed that when I have Auctioneer set to enable price matching, it will almost always treat other auctions of my own for the same item as something to be competed with - offering a lower default price. Is there a setting that I can tell it 'if I have auctions up for the same item, use that price'? The only time it does so is w...
File: Dalaran University - DST fix05-07-09
Re: First!
Posted By: dinesh
Originally posted by eqsanctum First to post. Looks like he may not be continuing the work, think you can provide another update? Another update for what? Has something changed? I already completed this quest/achievement, so updating it isn't high on my list of priorities, but if it is something simple I might be able to a...