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File: StickyChat07-06-10
Nice and useful
Posted By: Jiltanith
Hi! Thanks a lot for this addon, nice and useful! Jil
File: RPButton07-04-10
With Patch 3.3.5, RPButton broke....
Posted By: Jiltanith
With Patch 3.3.5, RPButton broke. I kind of fixed it (it works now), but it is less pretty now (it hides the part where you can select the chat tabs, which I would prefer not to hide). I'll get it back to its old self when I get the time.
File: Total RP (English version)05-21-10
Greetings! Thanks a lot for maki...
Posted By: Jiltanith
Greetings! Thanks a lot for making an english version of this addon! It has a lot of very nice details, like putting items in hiding places across the world, I like that. :) Have you considered to make it possible to import items from Gryphonheart Items, which have been exported from that addon - it has a function to export...
File: RPButton05-04-10
Hi! The button to hide the inter...
Posted By: Jiltanith
Hi! The button to hide the interface stays visible and can be clicked to resmue the previous state, it just does not have an x on it. So far it worked well with a modified interface.