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File: AfterCast (update of fan's update)12-31-10
false positives
Posted By: Jough
Hi folks. I'm having an issue with false positives. During a recent Heroic Deadmines run AfterCast displayed "Jough has sapped..." messages on a couple different occasions when the mob wasn't actually sapped (immune). Here's a copy of my sap macro: #showtooltip Sap /aftercast /p Jough sapped %t /cast Sap /cast Pick Pocket...
File: SnowfallKeyPress10-21-10
Originally posted by DiamondTear...
Posted By: Jough
Originally posted by DiamondTear Incompatible with cataclysm beta. This addon insidiously breaks *some* of your bindings completely when in combat. Insidiously?
File: GoGoMount10-19-10
(Greatly increased?) CPU usage in 4.01
Posted By: Jough
Tiker, For starters, I love the mod. It saved me from an increasingly unruly mount macro. : ) I have noticed, though, that since the mount speed normalization of 4.01 GoGoMount uses a large amount of cpu every time I click the macro. Is this normal, or a product of the greatly increased number of mounts to randomize between? (...
File: Addon Profiler10-19-10
'CPU' units on context
Posted By: Jough
Hi folks. I've recently started using Addon Profiler, and am confused about what to make of the 'CPU' unit. How many CPUs is too much to allow a single addon? What is an acceptable range for, say, action bars? Unit frames? Etc.
File: EventHorizon Continued10-17-10
Posted By: Jough
Oh, and Redshift is behaving strangely. With "config.enableRedshift = true" and the rest of its options left as default, the EHZ window is visible when I log into the game, and stays visible throughout my play session. If i input "/ehz redshift" into chat twice, it behaves as expected until I relog.
File: EventHorizon Continued10-17-10
Posted By: Jough
Hi Taroven. Really enjoying the mod so far. Thanks for all your contributions. It looks like the rogue ability 'Recuperate' (http://cata.wowhead.com/spell=73651/recuperate) has changed since beta, and its EHZ item needs an update.
File: DXE: Extended Alerts10-15-10
As a heads up here's the error mess...
Posted By: Jough
As a heads up here's the error message I get when logging in: Message: Interface\AddOns\DXE_Extended\DXE_Extended.lua:100: Usage: DXE_Extended_Frame:SetInsertMode("TOP" or "BOTTOM") Time: 10/15/10 10:50:42 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `SetInsertMode' Interface\AddOns\DXE_Extended\DXE_Extended.lua:100: in function `CreateMessa...
File: EventHorizon Continued10-13-10
-- Vendetta self:NewSpell({...
Posted By: Jough
-- Vendetta self:NewSpell({ spellID = 79140, debuff = {79140}, cooldown = true, requiredTree = 1, requiredLevel = 67, })
File: Power Auras Classic02-24-09
Shadow Fissure / Void Blast
Posted By: Jough
DeadlyBossMods (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/deadly-boss-mods.aspx) has a check for the void zones in the Sartharion / Kel'Thazad fights. The Sartharion check (DBM-ChamberOfAspects\Sartharion.lua, last 6 lines) references the spell 'Void Blast' (http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=59128). In an effort to create a perso...
File: Kennel02-19-09
I'm sorry if I missed it, but is th...
Posted By: Jough
I'm sorry if I missed it, but is there an option to automatically dismiss pets on stealth gain?
File: Panda12-10-08
Hey Tekkub, thanks for your (deeply...
Posted By: Jough
Hey Tekkub, thanks for your (deeply appreciated) contributions to the community. :) If you have time, would you mind adding Northrend herbs to the Milling section?
File: NutCounter12-10-08
Since NutCounter stores sell-throug...
Posted By: Jough
Since NutCounter stores sell-through data, is it possible to have the mod print out an ordered list of the items I've auctioned from highest sell-through percentage to lowest? That would greatly reduce my time spent each morning by limiting my AH queries to those items that people actually want to buy (which is my case is maybe 45 gl...
File: EasySerum12-05-08
Thanks so much for this mod. It wil...
Posted By: Jough
Thanks so much for this mod. It will be installed on my machine until WoW 4.0. :)
File: Afflicted311-26-08
Posted By: Jough
File: Afflicted311-24-08
When I relog, and a targeted Paladi...
Posted By: Jough
When I relog, and a targeted Paladin bubbles, Afflicted does not notify me in any way. I have to type '/afflicted ui' and set the 'Display Style' to 'Bars' in order to start getting on-screen notifications again. Understand?
File: Afflicted311-23-08
My 'Display Style' resets to '----'...
Posted By: Jough
My 'Display Style' resets to '----' every time I log out. Can anyone think of what the problem might be?
File: Spell Announce07-10-08
Hi again. In SpellAnnounce.lua I...
Posted By: Jough
Hi again. In SpellAnnounce.lua I am trying to set the announce channel to Raid Warning: -- Change this to "RAID", "PARTY", "BATTLEGROUND", "SAY", "YELL" depending on the channel you want, include the quotes local CHANNEL = "RAID_WARNING" According to the WoWWiki entry for ChatTypeIds (http://www.wowwiki.com/ChatTypeId) "RAI...
File: Spellbreak07-10-08
Raid Warning
Posted By: Jough
Hey Shadowd! I have Spellbreak set to announce alerts to the 'Raid Warning' channel, but they're being announced in 'Party' instead. I know that's not a lot of information to give you, but I'm not sure what else to include. Do you have any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong? Do you know of any addon conflicts or anything l...
File: Arena Ignore11-09-07
Argh - there's a problem with the s...
Posted By: Jough
Argh - there's a problem with the same-server ignores. Our first match of the night was against another Boulderfist team. Several matches later, Arena Ignore completed a pre-match scan without finding anyone, but when the gates opened, there was the team from our first match. I don't know if this helps, but after we were done f...
File: Arena Ignore11-01-07
Same-Server Ignores
Posted By: Jough
Don't same-server ignores work correctly if you put the server name after the player name? I know that - as Jough of Boulderfist - "/ignore Seekdeath" doesn't identify a player in the same match as me, but I thought "/ignore Seekdeath-Boulderfist" did.
File: CCWarn03-04-07
Originally posted by mrruben5 Wil...
Posted By: Jough
Originally posted by mrruben5 Wil spamming an actionbutton send the message only once? The only things you need to be careful about are hitting the button when your target can't be affected by that form of crowd control (trying to shackle an elemental, etc.), and hitting the button when you yourself are incapacitated (stunned,...
File: AfterCast02-28-07
Compatible with CCWarn?
Posted By: Jough
I've been trying to use CCWarn with AfterCast in the following way: /aftercast /ccw target /cast Sap I've yet to see it work the way I think it will (warn group members to change targets after a successful sap), but I'm not sure if that's because there's a mod conflict or what have you. I'm using CCWarn v1.1.1 from 02-0...