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File: Aurora04-09-12
Thanks Baine I really like the l...
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Thanks Baine I really like the look of miir but the blue border doesn't suit exactly what I want - although I tried it and it's a great addon. If only it had a grey border I'd have gone for it, but Aurora's simplicity will suit the other type of UIs I'm thinking of creating. I will check out skinner, see what that is like.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]04-09-12
Great addon I read below that to...
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Great addon I read below that to have a grey border, all the individual items would need to be tweaked in Photoshop - how many things would that be and is it a relatively quick process? Alternatively, anyone know of any other addons like this and Aurora. I just came across this art pack from the AI-Art addon and whilst it look...
File: Aurora04-08-12
Hi This is a great add-on and I'...
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Hi This is a great add-on and I've been using it awhile. I'm getting a little fed up of my UI though so am looking to change it up. Do you know of any others addons that reskin the standard Blizzard frames like Aurora? Thanks
File: Clean Icons - Thin05-20-11
I can't seem to get this to work ei...
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I can't seem to get this to work either. I've saved it to C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\Interface\ICONS - and have changed the ICONS to icons to see if that had an effect, but to no avail. This would be the perfect addition to my UI as one of the two things that are bugging me atm is when fortexorcist's CD spla...
File: Ghost: Pulse 305-02-11
4.1 Broken?
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This add-on is still working for me, but my bugsack is catching a lot of errors relating to this. Any fans know an update to get rid of these or is the author looking at an update? Much appreciated
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)10-15-10
Thanks Taroven - you've made my day...
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Thanks Taroven - you've made my day with your response :)
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)10-14-10
Thank you for such a great add-on....
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Thank you for such a great add-on. I would be totally gimp without this on the rare occasions I go Shadow. I am not very techy and have been messing around with the lua page trying to change the look and spell order - mainly through trial and error. I was wondering is there a way to edit the add-on in game? Or any plans to?...
File: Caith UI07-10-10
Steal your style!
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Hi there I been using Button Facade: Caith for awhile now and really like the style of your add-on. However, when I download it I only get a caithui17.1.rar file in my interface section and it does not show up anywhere when I log onto my character. Overall I am 90% happy with the layout of my UI but it is missing the consisten...