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File: Fefina's UI (DISCONTINUED)08-08-11
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Fef I remade your UI almost 100% identical, but for a different resolution. You play on a pretty rare resolution most people don't have, and with your permission I would like to upload my UI as well with both yours and my name on it! let me know!
File: Fefina's UI (DISCONTINUED)08-05-11
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Not loading correctly!
File: Clean Icons - Square02-06-11
This isn't working for me at all fo...
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This isn't working for me at all for some reason. Nothing changes, even when i try to switch to "Blizzard" with button facade.
File: Meluda Grid2 Layout01-07-11
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How did you get the background of your bars to be black? I have been trying to figure this out for weeks. Addon looks great, i just want to know how to do this for myself though.
File: Ghost: Pulse 312-26-10
Originally posted by Dajova The s...
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Originally posted by Dajova The servers just went down, so i haven't bee able to see this yet, but does it have support for rActionButtonStyler? This is currently not working with any holy word spell cooldowns, quite frustrating but still a great mod. Is there a way to make the frames smaller?