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File: Doom_CooldownPulse07-13-18
Update for BFA
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Hi, will you be updating for BFA?
File: MayronUI08-14-16
Are the changes to Mayron Gen 5 com...
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Are the changes to Mayron Gen 5 compared to gen 4 listed any where? Thinking about trying this add-on, though would love to see what it looks like in a party and raid. Also, Gen 4 shows how you can expand to 2 action bars; can thise be changed to 3 or 4 or even 5?
File: Wullie's UI10-20-14
Question: How did you show the two...
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Question: How did you show the two recount windows at the same time, or is it skada? Nice looking UI!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-20-14
Im curious, where do you guys put y...
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Im curious, where do you guys put your raid frames? I see many people place their Quest Objectives window on the bottom right, but thats usually where I place my raid frames. So, where do you guys place yours or do you raid without raid frames up? (I have them up for tank, Heals and Dps roles, since I am usually raid leading, but a...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-17-14
Boolean API changes
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Just thought I'd post this here, in case you didn't know and it makes bug fixing easier. The thread is located here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14926912648 I couldn't find any mention of this as a whole, but there are a handful of threads addressing the same issue for different API calls and it seems no one ma...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-16-14
Some bugs/issues
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
So Ive been using this for a few a couple days now, had updated to 5.0.4....found some things, especially in a raid setting. I fully admit, some of this might be user error, but here goes: 1) Raid Markers - Under Raid Control, all the markers were world markers, didn't seem like I was able to put a raid ICON on a target , i.e. Sk...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-15-14
Couple of additions
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Firstly, what a cool, and badass Ui suite, was looking for something to replace LUI and this just looks fantastic. I've installed in, and gone through and mostly tweaked it to my liking now, though I haven't actually taken it for a test drive yet. I was wondering though in the future, would it be possible to add status indicators...
File: Ghost: Pulse 306-28-11
Any update for 4.2? I made comba...
Posted By: VisualDeadlock
Any update for 4.2? I made combat handler changes this time too, but this time it didnt do the trick.
File: Ghost: Pulse 305-06-11
GP3: Fix for 4.1
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I was having problems with GP3 since 4.1 - it wouldn't pulse the graphic when an ability came off of cooldown. I was waiting to see if the author would update the addon, but so far, he hasn't that I have seen. Anyways, I decided to risk it and take a look at the code and I think I fixed it. At least it seems to work for me....
File: Ghost: Pulse 305-04-11
Re: 4.1 Broken?
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Originally posted by thecraftybee This add-on is still working for me, but my bugsack is catching a lot of errors relating to this. Any fans know an update to get rid of these or is the author looking at an update? Much appreciated How you getting it to work? After 4.1, I can get Initialize flash, but then it doesn't per...