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File: Brewmaster Tao10-18-12
Thanks for this addon. It's very ne...
Posted By: asakawa
Thanks for this addon. It's very neat, I like it! I look forward to seeing the ways in which you can expand it but would humbly request that you add easy options to show/hide any further additions since I especially like the focussed nature of the addon right now - It does what it does well and without fuss.
File: Cellular01-04-11
i've been using this addon for a ve...
Posted By: asakawa
i've been using this addon for a very long time and have really liked how minimal it is and the way that it just works with a minimum amount of fuss. my recent issue is a very insignificant one, i can't click a cellular window to start replying. i hadn't even realised that's the habit i'd gotten into until it didn't work any more....
File: Cellular04-07-10
not always capturing new whispers.
Posted By: asakawa
hi i had a quick look through recent comments and couldn't find anything so apologies if i am actually repeating something here. recently (last month or so) cellular isn't _always_ capturing new incoming whispers. it often does but sometimes doesn't and i'm out of the habit of looking in the normal chat log for whispers. is th...
File: ForteXorcist11-07-08
i'm having the same problem with th...
Posted By: asakawa
i'm having the same problem with the spell timer. i'm destro spec and only have this problem with immolate. corruption and curses all work fine but ~90% of the time immolate doesn't show at all. i've had this problem in real fights as well as on test dummies and has definitely happened at normal ping rates of around 100ms or less....
File: Lifebloomer 1.6.110-21-08
just wanted to add that i really li...
Posted By: asakawa
just wanted to add that i really like this addon and appreciate your work on it. midterms come first of course but keep up the good work ^^ (btw, not sure if anyone else used it this way but i only ever use one LB frame set to show my mouseover. i use it with healbot to better display the ticking of my HoTs on whoever i'm looking...
File: Omen Threat Meter03-28-08
Re: Sounds
Posted By: asakawa
Originally posted by pottstv Omen2 is making a sound that is really annoying whenever I pass 90% aggro on the table...is there any way to turn this sound off? yes modules > single target > warnings you can change the threshold to something other than 90% and change the sound/switch it off.
File: Omen Threat Meter03-26-08
can't get it to work >.<
Posted By: asakawa
i've installed the latest version via WAU and it appears in my addons list (on the login screen) but i can't get it to appear in-game. any got any ideas?
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-11-07
ah, ok. thanks for the reply mikord...
Posted By: asakawa
ah, ok. thanks for the reply mikord. so it is possible but makes things messy? well, as a demonology specced warlock if all is well my pet will be taking all the damage and i none. it would be great if it were possible to set up an extra scroll area for incoming pet damage. i understand if this would be a low priority addition but i...
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-11-07
is there a way to display incoming...
Posted By: asakawa
is there a way to display incoming damage to the pet? that would be very useful