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File: AtlasLootReverse01-30-11
Yet another person with an error since the patch
Posted By: cry4dawn
Date: 2011-01-30 19:39:37 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...terface\AddOns\AtlasLootReverse\AtlasLootReverse.lua line 99: attempt to index field 'Info' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? ...terface\AddOns\AtlasLootReverse\AtlasLootReverse.lua:99: ...terface\AddOns\AtlasLootReverse\AtlasLootR...
File: AtlasLootReverse01-23-11
Works for some
Posted By: cry4dawn
Ok well it clearly works for some but not most.. Also it does need updated info.. Any word when a new version is coming?
File: AtlasLootReverse01-15-11
Posted By: cry4dawn
Are we ever going to see an update to this add on to make it work again :(
File: Possessions for 4.211-26-10
Closed for the version?
Posted By: cry4dawn
So the version shows CLOSED.. Does this mean the creator or whoever took this over is no longer putting out patches?
File: AtlasLootReverse11-13-10
Taking over project
Posted By: cry4dawn
Has anyone considered taking over this project and keeping it alive? Would love to see it keep going
File: AtlasLootReverse10-24-10
Fix for 4.0?
Posted By: cry4dawn
Any idea when an update is coming?
File: AtlasLootReverse09-25-09
Posted By: cry4dawn
Any update for this UI coming anytime soon? There are many wrong locations for items from the last patch that have not been corrected. I was wondering if anything was in the works to be released soon?
File: AtlasLootReverse06-05-09
next update
Posted By: cry4dawn
So when is the next update with corrected info? A lot of items do not display either all or correct information of items. Some Tier peices only list say VOA where yet they drop in Naxx or other locations as well
File: PortalBox04-25-09
Oh Ya
Posted By: cry4dawn
This would be great to only have this pop up for mages, and I still want this button moveable. The UI that allows you to move buttons does not work with this UI
File: PortalBox03-14-09
Posted By: cry4dawn
Detached Mini Buttons UI does not work with this UI.. I tried :(
File: PortalBox03-01-09
Re: Re: More Changes
Posted By: cry4dawn
Hello again :) 1. As far as the button I say make it completely moveable because if someone really wanted a mini map icon they could drag it to the mini map and place it around there. Totally moveable I believe is the key there. Most people use a lot of UI and have to worry about what buttons around there mini map they have like m...
File: PortalBox02-28-09
More Changes
Posted By: cry4dawn
Well I downloaded the new patch and I do like the changes. However here are my thoughts still. 1. Turning off the mini map icon is fine, but honestly what we need is this icon only shows up for Mages. If I am any other class this icon should not show up. If that is to hard to do then make it so we can turn off the Mini Map icon...
File: PortalBox01-28-09
2 Suggestions that really need attention
Posted By: cry4dawn
1. When you open your bags, the icon for the Portal on your Mini Map sits on top of your bags. Really majorly annoying. 2. Allow the user to remove the button from the mini-map and place it anywhere on the screen. Like many people, I already have so many buttons on my mini-map I struggle with this issue.
File: PortalBox11-23-08
Hello Iindigo
Posted By: cry4dawn
Well then thank you for keeping this UI alive :)
File: TargetingIcons_Retail11-19-08
Working with Xperl?
Posted By: cry4dawn
Any idea when you are expecting this to be UI friendly with Xperl? I would love to use this UI but not at the cost of getting rid of Xperl. Cry for Dawn
File: PortalBox11-19-08
Had some suggestions
Posted By: cry4dawn
Love the mod very helpful.. Had a few suggestions to make it easier. 1. Make the screen a lot smaller. No reason to be so big and take up the full screen. 2. When you click a portal or teleport the window should close. 3. When you are not on a mage, the icon should not show up. With so many Ui's another button can be a pain....