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File: gmFonts07-18-18
Thanks for the update gmarco! Even...
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Thanks for the update gmarco! Even earlier than you thought. :banana: It is working great, and error free for me so far.
File: gmFonts02-02-18
Please add "Roboto" font. https://...
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Please add "Roboto" font. https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Roboto License = Apache License, Version 2.0 Most popular Sans Serif font on fonts.google.com
File: Altz UI for BFA09-17-17
Hide MicroMenu?
Posted By: trogdorhunter
Are there any options to hide the MicroMenu, RaidTools, and Config elements at the top of the screen? A YouTube review I watched mentioned there was a way, but I can't seem to find anything in the options.
File: Fane09-08-10
Help with editing the Lua?
Posted By: trogdorhunter
I love the 'fanify' tabs, but I'm trying to figure out how to restore default blizzard functionality that fades the tabs out when the chat frame is not moused over. I wish I knew enough lua to do this. There aren't a lot of lines here so I imagine I'm looking right at it and just not seeing it. I'd really appreciate any help...
File: Grid01-16-09
Re: Grid tag
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Originally posted by Sunhead ... I dont like the new Grid tag on the frames. Is there a way to turn it off. I have poked around in the options, but I cant find anything obvious. If you're referring to the same tag I'm thinking of, try this: "/grid config" Select "Layout" on the right check "Lock Frame"
File: SmartBuff12-23-08
Feature Request
Posted By: trogdorhunter
First of all, let me say I Love SmartBuff. I just have a couple suggestions. (1) The Class Buffs or Custom categories work but it would be nice to have separate categories for Hands and Blessings for Paladins. (2) Could you include a slider in the options menu (or some other mechanism) to resize the button? Thanks. Kee...
File: PortMe10-15-08
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Like it so far. I have a couple things I'd like to see. Just a suggestion but could you add a slash command to customize the tell that announces the port? Every time I port now I get tons of whispers but nobody seems to get the 'magic phrase' bit. By the time I've replied and explained to everyone it is more work than the addon...