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File: TipTop10-16-20
Thank you!!!
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Have always enjoyed this addon - even since some of the earliest releases. My favorite part was how it could tell you what class some NPCs are flagged as. Always felt like a fun easter egg to find random "healer" NPCs flagged as mages for whatever reason. Anyways, I would also really like an update, but if not (totally understand)...
File: TipTop11-22-14
Might just be me, but is anyone hav...
Posted By: Diet6
Might just be me, but is anyone having an issue where after cross-realming or zoning your tooltips stop showing up completely? Like, no error, just stop working, then randomly they come back after a while? Edit: They kind of flash for a second, but disappear really quickly. Maybe it happens when I alt tab? I have two monitors.
File: Select09-23-12
@Diet6: It doesn't remember the las...
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@Diet6: It doesn't remember the last item a /select was using from a previous session. On a login it pulls the first available item/spell as a default. But remembering what you picked before is a good idea I'll look into adding it. That's weird, the version I was using before this major update used to remember what I had between...
File: Select09-23-12
I'm not sure if it's just me or doe...
Posted By: Diet6
I'm not sure if it's just me or does the select macros we make always reset back to the first item in their grid when we relog? For example: my flying mount one always goes back to "albino drake" when I log in.
File: Select09-21-12
This might be an odd request, but w...
Posted By: Diet6
This might be an odd request, but would it be difficult to add a "/select emote:any" type thing? Or some type of emote support? Also, another feature that might be possible, is to make it so shift(or alt, or ctrl, or whatever) left/right click to boot people off passenger mounts. I tried to find a way to fit it into the macro and...
File: My Little Companion10-08-11
This addon is awesome, looking forw...
Posted By: Diet6
This addon is awesome, looking forward to seeing it grow, I hope it doesn't get dropped like so many great addons.
File: Urban Achiever07-08-11
Originally posted by Tomate Yep,...
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Originally posted by Tomate Yep, Is there some bug? or Juste missing some achievement? : New version is out. Thanks! :)
File: Urban Achiever06-30-11
Was this addon going to be updated...
Posted By: Diet6
Was this addon going to be updated for 4.2? It's still very useful.
File: Select05-30-10
Posted By: Diet6
I know you weren't intending on touching this addon ever again but I had a few quick questions. Currently as soon as I got over a certain amount of pets the menu always selects the pet to the left of the one I click, also the menu goes above the top of the screen, not sure if these would be an easy fix or not. Also, is it possible to...
File: BankItems05-07-10
Just me and my alts, one server, on...
Posted By: Diet6
Just me and my alts, one server, one faction. Not sure, it's random, sometimes it resets the whole database on its own as well. Maybe I'm just unlucky.
File: BankItems04-28-10
Guild Banks
Posted By: Diet6
I'm currently having an odd issue. At fist, after I had created a new character, my BankItems database seemed to "lose" about 3 of the people in its list. Not sure if that's related, but anyways. I deleted my BankItems.lua in my saved variables folder and logged onto all my characters and remade the database, but now I'm having the i...
File: eCastingBar10-18-09
Would it be possible to extend the...
Posted By: Diet6
Would it be possible to extend the feature for making the bar height larger? I like having it be a large thick bar, but it only goes up to 80.
File: FluidFrames09-25-09
Looks like the author has disappear...
Posted By: Diet6
Looks like the author has disappeared, and sadly since 3.2.2a this addon is making my client crash. Wish there was an update, or at least a good alternative.