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File: Urban Achiever03-14-15
Not working in 6.1.3 ?
Posted By: Awak
Hi, wondered if there is a chance to get an update for 6.1 as it doesn't seem to be loading in 6.1 (at least, I don't see Urban Archiever interface). I tried to deactivate all the other addons, keeping only UA, to no avail. Thanks !
File: Peddler (Junk seller)02-28-13
Version and new features
Posted By: Awak
Hello, is there a way to known what version of Peddler we're using ? Beside, could it be possible to choose in which corner of the item icon the coin pile appaear on selected items ? In the lower right it hides the item count (and it disturbs me). Even thought I changed it in the code (and set it to "texture:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", -...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant12-17-10
Hello Anossov, Originally posted...
Posted By: Awak
Hello Anossov, Originally posted by Anossov In ArchyDigsites.lua: This won't do: fragment_type, amount = strmatch(msg, "You receive currency: (.+) Archaeology Fragment x(%d+)") I replaced it with fragment_type, amount = deformat(msg, CURRENCY_GAINED_MULTIPLE) Just replace your line by: local LibDeformat =...
File: Producer09-14-09
Originally posted by Awak Note th...
Posted By: Awak
Originally posted by Awak Note that as I have quite a lot of addons Just had a look at my addons: only Producer uses snowflake, sorry :/
File: Producer09-14-09
Originally posted by TimTaler @Aw...
Posted By: Awak
Originally posted by TimTaler @Awak This is my first implementation of a menu locking behavior. I will look for your problem with reagent sub menus. Each click on a different path should toggle the locking, but a mouse move should not do this. On my installation I was not getting a ghost frame. It is very frustrating for me....
File: Producer09-05-09
Re: Re: Re: Annoying bug found
Posted By: Awak
Originally posted by SofaKing I have this too. The window goes away but leaves a dead spot on the screen that can not be clicked through or be the starting point for a camera move. Very annoying to have to make the window the smallest prof (First Aid for me) and move it off to a rarely used side of the screen before closing it...
File: Producer09-03-09
Menu locking behavior
Posted By: Awak
Hello, Just one note about menu locking behavior: when you lock a menu on an item, if you hover with your mouse on a reagent of this item that has a sub-menu, it unlocks the menu item you just locked: can you change this so that menu locked items can only be unlocked by left-clicking on them ? Or is there an optional parameter (I...
File: Producer08-22-09
Originally posted by Lunarion Hel...
Posted By: Awak
Originally posted by Lunarion Hello there. Great addon, I must say! I love the style and it's easy-to-use functions. Question though. Is it possible to add a feature to allow the linking of entire profressions of another character? For example, I want to link my alt's Jewelcrafting book from my main character for a friend/gui...
File: Producer08-20-09
Annoying bug found
Posted By: Awak
Hello, I found that when I close producer window, there's some kind of ghost frame that remains, of the size and in place of the lower part window of producer (the one containing the recipes lists), that prevents from clicking with your mouse in this area, thus preventing you from selecting, right clicking and item/npc/whatever, o...