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File: EasyMail from Cosmos01-01-14
Error Message
Posted By: Jadestorm
Hello, I changed the requested lines in the LUA file but still got an error Date: 2014-01-01 17:37:02 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\EasyMail\EasyMail.lua line 1600: attempt to call method 'GetText' (a nil value) Debug: EasyMail\EasyMail.lua:1600: EasyMail\EasyMail.lua:1583 : TakeI...
File: LightHeaded09-11-12
Thank so very much for taking time...
Posted By: Jadestorm
Thank so very much for taking time in your very busy life to update this addon, it's one of my favs :banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: SimpleCoords09-02-12
Addon Issues
Posted By: Jadestorm
Ya I just downloaded SimpleCoords and when I tried to extract it I got a message that the folder was empty :eek: Jade
File: SimpleCoords06-28-11
Posted By: Jadestorm
Thank you so much for updating this for 4.2, I love this coords addon it is just like its name simple :banana:
File: EveryQuest: Quest Givers03-30-11
Error with the addon
Posted By: Jadestorm
I tried using the website that is linked but got an error. So im hoping you will get this. I got the following error from this addon Date: 2011-03-30 18:33:56 ID: 3 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\EveryQuest_QuestGivers\addon.lua line 346: attempt to index field 'filters' (a nil value) Debug: (ta...
File: ArkInventory03-04-11
Please Help
Posted By: Jadestorm
I really enjoy this addon a lot it's the only bag oddon i will use :D However there is one minor annoyance for me, it stores the guild bank money info for any guild i have been. This is visable when i hover over the gold in any of my toons bags or banks...Is there a way to stop it from doing that or how do i clear them out?? Than...
File: SimpleCoords10-27-10
Re: Re: Errors when entering game
Posted By: Jadestorm
Originally posted by schnoggo Been away for a few months. Updating Addons today. SimpleCoords is first. Expect within a few minutes. :) I love this addon :banana: tks so much for updating
File: Auctioneer10-16-10
Posted By: Jadestorm
I love this addon its one of my favs :D I was wondering if there will be an updated version for the new patch??
File: Cartographer_QuestInfo04-23-09
I would love to see this updated as...
Posted By: Jadestorm
I would love to see this updated as well...i also use carbonite but like this as well and would be very tempted to dump carbonite if it got an update :)