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File: WoW Manager 2.212-12-14
Hi. I created a new launcher for Wa...
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Hi. I created a new launcher for Warlords: WoW Launcher 2
File: WoW Launcher 212-11-14
Preview for Alpha 2: Realm Status
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Hi! I am currently working on the Realm Status display. It allows you to check all realms in all regions. Coming in the next upate. :)
File: WoW Launcher PLUS12-07-14
I am currently working on a complet...
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I am currently working on a completely new launcher for Warlords of Draenor and the first alpha should be available for testing soon. New Website (more details coming soon):
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-14-14
Many features like deleting cache f...
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Many features like deleting cache files for rare mob scanner-addons or creating backups of your settings are still missing in the Launcher. If you still like WoW Launcher PLUS and want an updated version for Warlords of Draenor let me know, please. Just write a comment. :)
File: WoW Launcher PLUS07-18-14
Re: done?
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Hi. It's not "done" completely. But the new Blizzard Launcher is a nice piece of software. ;) Maybe I can modify/add some things for Warlods of Draenor. Suggestions and feature requests are always welcome.
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-19-13
My launcher can't access the WoW Up...
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My launcher can't access the WoW Update Servers but if you launch WoW and a patch is needed it will automatically start the download. So you won't miss it when you use WoWL+. :)
File: SilverDragon03-19-13
Re: Re: How to fix rare mob names in English?
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Thanks! It's working for all Pandaria Mobs I found so far. :)
File: SilverDragon03-17-13
How to fix rare mob names in English?
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Hi! I used SilverDragon for a loooong time and deleted the raremob database yesterday. Then I clicked the Import rare mob and import Achievement mob buttons but now all found (cache) rares show an english name in the popup to target them and a click can't target them because they have German names. Does anyone know how to fix this? I...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS03-14-13
Error from Blizzard Newspage
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Thanks for the report. The error is not from WoW Launcher PLUS itself. I have never heard of serving-sys or used it. It is caused by the Launcher Newspage from Blizzard. I can't fix it right now but I will take a look at it and try to fix it soon.
File: WoW Launcher PLUS09-06-12
Help for localization needed
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If you want to help to localize WoWL+ you can do it on the new localization page: :)
File: WoW Launcher PLUS09-05-12
v0.4 Preview (not complete)
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I fixed a few small issues and added new features today:
File: WoW Launcher PLUS09-04-12
Release: v0.3.1
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The latest update is ready and clicked links from the official launcher news are opened in your default browser now. :)
File: RobBossMods09-02-12
Achievements announced in groupchat when in raid
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Hi! I noticed that achievements are only posted in groupchat when you are in a raidgroup. Not everyone can see them, only your current group. Note: The button does not seem to work at all sometimes (left or rightclick to show boss/instance achievements)
File: WoW Launcher PLUS09-02-12
v0.3.1 is coming soon!
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Take a first look at some of the changes:
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-29-12
Few other siggestions: Have it lau...
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Few other siggestions: Have it launch/upload data from the wowhead looter (not sure if there's an api to upload the data, but there might be) ----- I don't know about an api but Wowhead looter does already have an auto-upload feature. Maybe a Button to load it will do it? Have it load the curse client/minion before launching WoW...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-19-12
IMPORTANT NOTE: Since AMS (the app...
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IMPORTANT NOTE: Since AMS (the app I use to create WoWL+ and my other tools) is no longer available for free I need to get the full version to continue development. If you like WoWL+ or my other tools you can help me with a small donation via Pledgie. Every Donation is very much appreciated! All Details here:
File: WoW Launcher PLUS08-03-12
Glad you like it. :) I will consid...
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Glad you like it. :) I will consider this for the next big update. But I did not have much time to work on new features lately. I hope I can start to work on the next update soon.
File: WoW Launcher PLUS06-29-12
Thank you very much!
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Thank you very much!
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-30-12
- Link to the Mainchar-Events in th...
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- Link to the Mainchar-Events in the armory As far as I know it is not possible to get the latest events from the ingame calender via the community API. It requires you to log in with your account. I could try to add the WoW website in the WEB-object where the launcher news are displayed but it won't fit very well. J...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-16-12
Glad you like it. :) Bugs: - if...
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Glad you like it. :) Bugs: - if you open the Settings and close them, you aren't able to open them again without a Launcher-Restart, the button just doesn't work. I tried to reproduce it but it works fine for me. Did anyone else have this problem? - the right blizzard top-news box (roll of ressurection at the moment) is cut o...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-12-12
The Launcher does not have these Re...
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The Launcher does not have these Realmsрусский When I change the language in the lower right I can see some Russian realms and all of them should be included. Can you be more specific please? What is the nam...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-11-12
Russion Realms in EU Region
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Russian Realms supports? Hi. All Russian Realms like Ashenvale, Azuregos, Borean Tundra and so on should be listed in the "EU" Region.
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-11-12
Re: Amazing
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Hi and Tx for this beautiful addon great job. I delete old version and instal new one only thing so far US realms not showing. I had the same issue yesterday. But I tried it a few minutes ago and could download all US realms. It seems the API had some issues. Please try to re-download all Realms. Just click on Sett...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-11-12
Re: v3 realm status
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Since I updated to this version, the realm status comes up with a message that says "Could not fetch realm data". Can you be more specific, please? Which Region and Realm does not work? Please wait a few minutes and then try to refresh the Realm Status via clicking on the two blue arrows on the bottom of the main screen. If...
File: WoW Launcher PLUS04-10-12
WoWL+ v0.3 Trailer
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The next update will be released very soon (this week)! Check out the new Trailer to see what's coming up.