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File: MayronUI Gen608-21-18
Timer bars
Posted By: Alucardisking
Is there a fix for the ui timer bars or do i need to get another addon to take care of it. i wont use any other ui than this one lol
File: MayronUI Gen607-24-18
Re: Chat Window Question
Posted By: Alucardisking
Hello! I just started using this UI and I love it so far! Quick question though! Is it possible to move the chat window from the top left to the bottom left of the screen? I am so used to having it at the bottom and my DBM timers and everything at the top lol Yes when you go to install the Ui go into the custom install and c...
File: Arx Armory09-22-16
Cant get the jar to run
Posted By: Alucardisking
i have followed all the steps in the readme file but i cant get Arx_Armory.jar to run at all i double click it and it shows a loading icon then just stops i use a windows 8 pc and jave works fine its just this file i cant get to run i have paired it up and installed the addon but without the jar working i cant use it please help
File: TinyPad08-19-15
titan panel
Posted By: Alucardisking
I was wondering how to add this to my titan panel?