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File: DatUI07-30-18
Hi, at first great compilation,...
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Hi, at first great compilation, just lovin it :) I got a small problem and i canīt find the Solution. Please take a look at the Screenshot: http://www.bilder-upload.eu/thumb/e82947-1532942506.png As you see i canīt read the quest description. How can i change it? **Edit** Found the solution. Updated Addonsskins via Tu...
File: LumUI06-17-18
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Hi, at first sorry for my english, i am german :-) My lua knowledge is not good. Is there a possibility to hide the player frame an the actionbars so they show up on target and entering combat? i found out how to hide the player frame and the action bars but the player frame only shows up on combat and mouse over. The action...
File: sInterface06-13-18
Re: Re: :banana:
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He there, tried this but does not work for me. Tried to add those to the existing lines, no change. Deleted the other lines, no change. Removed the "_" in the filename, no change. The actionbars are not visible. Have i done something wrong? Thanks for your help and sorry for my english, iīm german :) How to restore the...