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File: LightHeaded05-16-21
Posted By: RedMarauder
Is there gonna be an update soon?
File: LightHeaded04-01-21
Posted By: RedMarauder
Is there going to be an update anytime soon? I appreciate all you do here!!
File: LightHeaded02-19-20
8.3 Update
Posted By: RedMarauder
Does anyone know if there is going to be an 8.3 update and if so, when?
File: Low Level Quest Icon Colors10-13-18
Posted By: RedMarauder
I'm having trouble installing this...can you give detailed instructions please?
File: LightHeaded09-06-18
Darkmoon Faire errors
Posted By: RedMarauder
After a complete uninstall and reinstall, everything seems to be working correctly...except the quests from Darkmoon Faire. Then I get a LUA warning and an error mssg....LH_Data_c.lua line 136351 etc. etc.
File: ChatBar12-14-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Action Bars
Posted By: RedMarauder
Originally posted by AnduinLothar Perhaps it has to do with some specific way you're doing it. Can you walk me through exactly what you're clicking on and which buttons you're pressing? Sure. I log on...play the toon for about ten minutes. I have reason to open the spellbook and all the invisible squares light up opaque. They s...
File: ChatBar12-10-10
Re: Re: Action Bars
Posted By: RedMarauder
Originally posted by AnduinLothar I cant reproduce this bug. Are you sure it's not from some other addon you are using? It could be a combination of addons as well. Does it happen for you with all other addons turned off? Yes, with all addons turned off it happens, on three different computers, it has since the original version...
File: ChatBar12-07-10
Action Bars
Posted By: RedMarauder
I love your addon but... I have all the action bars turned on, and keep the squares I'm not using hidden. But since using your addon, (all the way back to the cosmos days and yes, chat bar is updated) when ever I open my spell book, the unused acton bar squares appear and will not go away untill I relog. This happens even if Chat...
File: ChatBar04-29-10
Bug Maybe?
Posted By: RedMarauder
I’ve noticed a bug that’s lasted through multiple versions and never seen addressed and was wondering if anyone else has found a fix for it. I have all of my Action Bars checked but not necessarily filled; some of the spots remain blank. I have the “Always Show Action Bars” box unchecked. When this box is checked then the empty s...