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File: LinkWrangler11-26-22
Re: Version 2.07
Posted By: Barleduq
Should work with all clients 10.0.2, 3.4.0 and 1.14.3 Thank you for making that clear! -Barleduq
File: Can I Mog It?11-05-22
Can you please continue to update here?
Posted By: Barleduq
I saw that there was a newer update over on Curse. I'd REALLY prefer that you update here, or on Wago. Wago hasn't had an update since June, I think I saw. Please? -Barleduq
File: New Arnold DBM-VP Dragonflight 10.011-05-22
Thank you!!!!!
Posted By: Barleduq
Downloading it now! -Barleduq
File: DropTheCheapestThing10-30-22
Sell button on vendor pane missing
Posted By: Barleduq
I haven't added or changed the addons I have that modify the vendor pane - CompactVendor is the only one I'm aware of, and I haven't added any. Regardless, it used to show up fine, and now isn't there. You have no idea how much I've missed it over the last two days of play. I didn't notice any errors for this addon. I'm not logg...
File: BetterAddonList10-30-22
I'm not sure this is working
Posted By: Barleduq
It hasn't been updated since 2018, but clearly hasn't needed much. Currently, however, the Load Out of Date Addons checkbox is missing, as is the Search bar. Many of the addons have no hover text (ones I recall having it), but I don't know what generates that. I'm getting errors that mention this addon. I'll put in here tomorrow...
File: Darkmoon Professional10-29-22
Oh, and one annoying thing
Posted By: Barleduq
No matter where I put the DMP minimap button, even setting it to not show up, it always comes back to the same place after reload/relog - which just happens to be on top of the mission table button. I may well be failing to do something to keep it in place, but none of my other addons do that, so I'm hoping not. -Barleduq who use...
File: Darkmoon Professional10-29-22
Re: Re: Here's hoping!
Posted By: Barleduq
... that you're still around, and enjoying wow, and have time and energy for updating your addons. Thank you! -Barleduq Still here! Will look to update this shortly - from what I looked at on the Beta it should be mostly functional beyond not properly detecting whether the Faire is open, so it shouldn't take too long (fingers...
File: QuestGuru10-29-22
Well wishes, and questions
Posted By: Barleduq
Hi there! I see, from comments, that you have had health problems over time, and I hope you are doing well. I'm wondering if you'll have the time and energy to update these addons for Dragonflight? You might want to see about hosting on Wago also, as I believe they're paying authors, and many people have fled from Curse/Ove...
File: Grail10-29-22
Hi there! update for Dragonflight?
Posted By: Barleduq
Just wondering if you'll be continuing this addon into Dragonflight. I hope so! Thank you! -Barleduq
File: Darkmoon Professional10-29-22
Here's hoping!
Posted By: Barleduq
... that you're still around, and enjoying wow, and have time and energy for updating your addons. Thank you! -Barleduq
File: CovenantMissionHelper10-29-22
Yes, Covenants are going away
Posted By: Barleduq
But my alts still need to do missions. Is this going to be given whatever updates it needs for the new expac? Does it need anything more than 'load out of date addons'? -Barleduq
File: Analyst10-29-22
I'm giving up
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm sorry to say this. I've really liked this addon over others that do similar things. Unfortunately, it throws errors, and the author hasn't been logged into either wowinterface or curse since the last update in 2020. Thank you for your efforts! I'm about to check out Accountant Classic, on here. -Barleduq
File: Compass10-29-22
Does this need anything for Dragonflight?
Posted By: Barleduq
Other than load out of date addons? Just checking -Barleduq
File: Awwwww10-29-22
Dev on holiday? Does this still work?
Posted By: Barleduq
Not sure if Seerah is still active in WoW at the moment. Can anyone confirm/deny whether this exists? TBH, I have DBM sound things on, and I may just be failing to catch the sounds from here, but we just spent a couple of weekends wiping for achievements and I don't recall hearing any... Would love to have this working going fo...
File: X and Y10-19-22
Sorry to hear that!
Posted By: Barleduq
Greetings all. Still actively developed. Over at Curse. I can't be bothered maintaining these file pages here, sorry. There have been automated scripts that would post in both places for quite a while now. However, I'll part with good will. I'm not interested in dealing with Curse and it's various overlords and gatekeeping. -...
File: VenturePlanFixes07-16-22
Re: Re: Re: Re: VenturePlan 4.22 and greater
Posted By: Barleduq
Wow, VenturePlan has actually been updated from 4.16a and it looks like a massive update to the code. So I don't think this addon will work for 4.22, nor do I expect you will need it. But I havent tried it out yet. *sigh* I just wish they'd host somewhere else. Thanks for the reply, and I, at least, would appreciate an updat...
File: numQuests07-09-22
ERror? is this being maintained?
Posted By: Barleduq
I'm going through my addons today, and found that this isn't working. This is the error from Swatter. Date: 2022-07-07 11:29:27 ID: -5 Error occured in: Global Count: 15 Message: ..\AddOns\numQuests\nqcore.lua line 49: attempt to call global 'GetNumQuestLogEntries' (a nil value) Debug: :49: ?() :60: numQue...
File: Farming Bar07-09-22
Hi there!
Posted By: Barleduq
Since Overwolf walled off Curseforge, I've been going through my addons and trying to find sources for them that isn't Curseforge. I was staring at Farmit, which seems to be abandoned, and in putting "Farm" into search I found this. You mention that it's inspired by Farmit, and I'm wondering how closely it follows. Farmit is still...
File: Celebrate!07-09-22
Update here?
Posted By: Barleduq
Hi there! I notice that the version on Curseforge is more recent than that here. Could you please keep it up to date here, also? Ever since Overwolf walled off Curseforge, I'm trying to get my addons from elsewhere. Thank you! It's REAL useful letting me know when the Anniversary event is, even if the buff doesn't go away so...
File: SpeedyLoc07-09-22
Posted By: Barleduq
Is this addon being kept up to date? Obviously not for ToC, but does it still work? I'm looking for something hosted not-on-curse, and am hoping that this might be being functional... -Barleduq
File: VenturePlanFixes07-07-22
Re: VenturePlan 4.22 and greater
Posted By: Barleduq
Does this addon still need to be loaded, now that VenturePlan v4.22 has been updated for patch 9.2.5? I'm actually quite torn - it's updated on Curseforge, which I'm actively moving away from. (Now that Cursebreaker is updated to not use it, and some other useful udpates to it.) On the other hand, it would make sense to use th...
File: Garrison Commander07-07-22
Hi there! Update here, please?
Posted By: Barleduq
COuld you please update this here? I see that Curseforge has version 3.3.10. Since Overwolf closed off Curseforge, I'm trying to move away from it as much as possible. Thank you! /amq
File: Wholly07-05-22
Posted By: Barleduq
Hi there! So I'm using CurseBreaker these days to manage my addons, and I've been slowly going through my addons and finding ones that I've been getting from Curse that are also elsewhere. I'm currently a bit confused. WoWinterface (here) seems to have Wholly-84. Curse has Wholly-86. Github has Wholly-85. :confused: I'm...
File: Achievementizer06-15-22
Re: Re: Achievement not found spam
Posted By: Barleduq
I've turned it back on and I don't seem to be getting any bugs. I've gotten the 'database built' message, and no complaints. I don't have time tonight to play with it, but I'll try to remember to do so soon. Thanks for being so quick to respond! -Barleduq Thanks for trying out my addon and giving your feedback! I have been...
File: Achievementizer06-14-22
Achievement not found spam
Posted By: Barleduq
I just installed this today, and on the first toon I logged into (L52 Dwarf Rogue, standing in the garrison), as it built its database, it was intermittently giving out "Achievementizer achievement not found 8106". Since the message 'database finished' came up, it's now constantly emitting that. This achievement is "in the hall...