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File: stAddonManager01-08-13
Locking Addons?
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Is there a way to lock addoons that are a part of every profile, like ElvUI and it's parts?
File: !AWP01-08-13
Locking Addons
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Is there or will there be a way to lock addons that are always a part of every profile? I see that !AWP is locked, and for good reason. Can the ability be extended to other addons?
File: xUtils05-09-12
An Odd Request.
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Is there any way I could persuade you to break the "close the chat box when entering combat" out in to a separate addon? I disable all the other features as they are duplicated in other addons. You could even call it "Shut Up And Fight!" I thought I'd ask you for it, since you are the only person I've seen do this, and I want...
File: Minimap Button Frame02-24-12
Re: ElvUI
Posted By: Vesuuvius
I love this addon, but it doesn't seem to be working with ElvUI. It appears to be grabbing the Guild and Friends buttons from under ElvUI's minimap, and distorting things badly. I've seen posts about removing "Minimap" but that doesn't seem to help. Any suggestion? Thanks YEEEEAHHHH!!!!! Look in the "sorting" option in the M...
File: stAddonManager11-15-11
Use AddonSwitcher for profile switching! Works great!
Posted By: Vesuuvius
AddonSwitcher works great with stAddonManager, and provides flexibility in addon swapping, without asking mod authors for new features! :) Make your profiles as you normally would, and make sure they work by using the buttons in stAddonManager. Install AddonSwitcher, and load up your forst profile. Let's say Raid. Now, save that p...
File: YaWheely!03-16-11
/yw conflicts with emote.
Posted By: Vesuuvius
/yw slash command conflicts with the You're Welcome emote. And it't not entirely clear that you have to set the initial macros with /ywu and /yud without the square brackets. I hammered at those test fields like a moron until I figured out that even a space after the proper slash command will make the macros editable in the gui. No...
File: AddonSwitcher07-23-10
Originally posted by Drauer Amper...
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Originally posted by Drauer Ampere plugin is out! Check it here. Yessssssssss!!!! Developers listen! Hooraaaaaaaaay!
File: ColorTools04-05-10
Is an eyedropper tool possible?
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Absolutely, positively, the ONLY thing lacking in this tool (or any of the color pickers) is an eyedropper tool for sampling the colors already in your UIm live and in-game. The only other way I know to match colors (other than pick an arbitrary hex value and institute it across the board) is to screenshot my UI, and use GIMP or PS...
File: AddonSwitcher03-26-10
Wow, I completely see both sides of...
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Wow, I completely see both sides of this request. However, Drauer does have a point: ampere and Addonswitcher are meant for each other. Finding a way to integrate the two would be a boon. Not necessarily for power users, but for the rest of us you have to support on these forums. My idea would be working a simple "Save Current Li...
File: DaedhirUI03-15-10
This UI rocks on toast!
Posted By: Vesuuvius
I just wanted to thank you for this UI. For as complicated as the kgpanels seem to be, I was able to easily modify it to my liking easily. You really should try some kgpanel/graphic modding tutorials. I'd certainly visit your blog to learn the basics of panel design and building. After seeing how much of the UI was art panel (I w...
File: oUF_Metzerott09-07-09
Would there be any chance of having...
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Would there be any chance of having a "basic and annotated" version of this layout done? Like p3lim for your round style? Seems like fertile ground for creative minds.
File: Squeenix10-21-08
Calendar LDB feed?
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Will there be a way to tie the calendar toggle into the clock LDB feed in the future? Yes, I am very lazy, and would love to right click my BlizzClock in Fortress and get the calendar, as opposed to /calendar. I scale my minimap up a bit so these old eyes can see, and the minimap button for the day/night indicator is frikkin HUGE!...
File: O-Wheely! - Buffs and Macros on your Mousewheel!09-11-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: Presets keep wiping
Posted By: Vesuuvius
To your credit, I consider this addon stable. Smartbuff was gone after the first day. :) Keep it up! Originally posted by kerrang I changed the name to make it more obvious what O-Wheely! did in a long list of similar-sounding addons - not realising WOWI used that in the download URL... WUU is quite nice in some ways - but...
File: O-Wheely! - Buffs and Macros on your Mousewheel!09-06-08
Re: Re: Presets keep wiping
Posted By: Vesuuvius
As strange as this is going to sound..... From the previous problem, I advanced to a completely blank configuration frame. no text, no dropdowns, no anything. No matter if it was enabled with or without any other addons at all. So I did a fresh install after deleting saved variables. Now I have a working addon. We'll see if i...
File: O-Wheely! - Buffs and Macros on your Mousewheel!09-02-08
Presets keep wiping
Posted By: Vesuuvius
After a recent reinstall, I notice that the preset macros won't stick between sessions. Most recently, they refused to stick even within the same session. If I took the time to /ow and reset them between each battle, I'd have a 50/50 chance of it going right. I'm most inclined to believe the fault lies on this end, but what the he...
File: Opticon08-24-08
Actually, that's perfect. I starte...
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Actually, that's perfect. I started playing around with a combination of ButtonBin and Fortress after posting my comment, and I see the differences you point out come to light. Each of the display addons have features suited to handle it's "own" type of broker in ways the other doesn't. Fubar2Broker + ButtonBin makes a handy catch...
File: Opticon08-24-08
Information Vs. Launcher confusion
Posted By: Vesuuvius
I'm just dipping my toes into DataBroker mods, and find myself confused by the Info vs. Launcher statements. I'm using Button Bin cyrrently to display everything, and it all seems to work just fine. Some things have icons, some do not, but it all seems to work fine. Am I missing something major?:confused:
File: ButtonBin08-22-08
Re: Re: Re: Replacing Fubar
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Thanks Tristanian and neotron! That has got to be clearest explanation of an addon programming concept that anyone has ever given! Hopefully WoWInsider will cover DataBroker addons in depth and get you some exposure.
File: ButtonBin08-20-08
Replacing Fubar
Posted By: Vesuuvius
I've never found a great place to ask this, so here goes nothing: Is there a distinct advantage to using LDB + Display (like this fine addon, or Fortress) over Fubar itself? I understand that flexible design and placement are factors, but most if us uninspired UI schlubs would still slap it all on the bottom in a bar-like configu...
File: Chicchai07-15-08
Proprietary Compression Formats = BAD!
Posted By: Vesuuvius
:mad: LINUX NERD ANGRY!!!! :mad: Lol, for real though, raring your addons jacks up WUU, the python updater script in the Wowace forums, Nether Panel, and Uther knows what else is out there based on open source tech. Please, pretty please, just .zip em. Because I want the updates to work. Because I like using this thing. Becaus...
File: tekticles05-25-08
Originally posted by Jesamyn Tekk...
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Originally posted by Jesamyn Tekkub, ya gotta work on making addons that are a little less perfect. I think half of my addon folder is composed of your stuff at this point. I only use Calibri too, so I'm liking this muchly. Furthermore, you have to get WoWInsider to quit scooping your big addons! I've had 3 reviews literally...
File: Embiggen05-25-08
Re: Waypoint
Posted By: Vesuuvius
Originally posted by Flarin Have you found a replacement for Cartographers waypoints? I mean the large arrow it displays pointing the direction to an objective? Tomtom now has that feature, and both Lightheaded and Questhelper have updated to use it. I *think* Routes also uses it, but it has it's own HUD addon if not.