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File: MoveAnything05-19-14
MoveAnything bugs other raids panel
Posted By: Agenteusa
Hello, Moveanything bugs my deafult other raids panel (the default lfg such as Ordos). It opens the panel but its completely empty. Can I do anything to fix this? Thanks
File: Wullie's UI02-13-14
Re: Alternative resources
Posted By: Agenteusa
I can't seen to get chi to work , holy power works thoug... Try to check if he has a profile for monk class. I used his tank profile in Raven and it shows fury even though this is a UI made for a paladin. But he has several profiles. try that ;)
File: Wullie's UI02-06-14
Yet another question (sorry for so...
Posted By: Agenteusa
Yet another question (sorry for so many questions :P). Yesterday I went raiding and as the idiot I am ofc I didn't bother to check what all the information showing up on Vuhdo was. I had these regular with numbers appearing slightly below each vuhdo bar (bar I mean each person) . What are they? I noticed they would change w...
File: Wullie's UI02-04-14
Been playing around with your UI. I...
Posted By: Agenteusa
Been playing around with your UI. I'm still getting used to some smaller fonts but overall I quite enjoy it. One more question: Is it ok to update the addons through curse?
File: Wullie's UI01-31-14
Hey, I looked at some screens an...
Posted By: Agenteusa
Hey, I looked at some screens and vídeos from your UI and it seems like the kind of UI Im looking for. I came back to Wow and had a neat UI that I built before but it has been 2 years and I lost it so I don't feel like configuring everything again so I will download yours and try out. Just have a couple questions if you would b...
File: VuhDo11-09-11
Hello, I´m having a hard time c...
Posted By: Agenteusa
Hello, I´m having a hard time configuring Holy Radiance in Vuhdo. On top of that I don´t feel my config is really suiting my needs. Can someone refer me to a guide on how to configure Vuhdo exclusively for Holy Paladins? I tried googling it but can´t find it for Holy. :S Or if someone is kind enough they could send me their...