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File: SlashHelp12-01-20
Posted By: RLD
thank you for interceding for me with the dev of buttonforge. I tried his impromptu fix and it didnit work. then I tried your update for finding slash commands in a diff. way and that didn't work with the buttonforge orig code or his impromptu update. 2 days later he got it right. now both slashhelp and buttonforge play nicely togeth...
File: SlashHelp11-26-20
issue with buttonforge
Posted By: RLD
if slashhelp is loaded and working buttonforge slash commands do not work and are not shown in slashhelp window. the two commands that are not working are /bufo and /buttonforge. if I disable slashhelp buttonforge commands work fine. Ackl p.s. I have a suspicion the authors may be implementing a non-standard way of implementi...
File: Button Forge11-19-20
/ command not working
Posted By: RLD
I have tried both versions the one on curseforge and on githhub. my previous bars came back; YEAH. 2 of my buttons on one bar are set up to open/close another bar. i.e. bufo_on /bufo -bar REVIVEz -gui on and bufo_off /bufo -bar REVIVEz -gui off. I get no errors. they just fail to work. neither work because /bufo or /buttonforg...
File: Button Forge05-25-19
added feature
Posted By: RLD
I'd like to see the show/hide for groups/raids.
File: Fishing Buddy03-06-19
titan panel issues with fishing buddy
Posted By: RLD
with FB enabled the right click on titan panel does not show the full menu available. disable FB and titan panel works as normal. both addons have been updated recenly so its hard to tell which one is actually at fault. I havent had any lua errors with titan in a very long time.but before the last update of FB I had a few and...
File: Titan Panel03-06-19
right click menu blank
Posted By: RLD
I found after enabling/disabling addons for four hours that the last few updates to fishingbuddy is causing this. disable fishingbuddy and you will have a full right click menu.
File: Global Ignore List and Spam Filter12-08-18
working filters
Posted By: RLD
Not many are posting any working filters.... I rarely use ignore at all and limit it to 1 day; if the spam gets to be a problem after that I create a filter to just not see it anymore. This is my catch all one for groups selling raid/mythic/rbgs/achievement. This may catch stuff that you may want to see if so just remove the "o...
File: Chinchilla Minimap09-09-18
lock shape
Posted By: RLD
How can I lock the shape of the mini map. I like round. I move it to next to my char. when gathering things. but it will often switch to a different shape when I go to move it back to its default position. irritating to have to go into config to change it back continuously.
File: Broker RangedSpeed07-20-18
fixed for bfa
Posted By: RLD
fixed this today on my system.... replace UnitRangedDamage with UnitSpellHaste gives you the haste number you have on your char stats screen.
File: World Quest Tracker04-05-17
Posted By: RLD
any chance we can get the subject added. as it stands wqt needs to be disabled to see the location points.
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat04-03-17
special lus chars
Posted By: RLD
"No, you're trying to use them as special Lua characters, which isn't possible without editing the addon. 99% of users have no idea how to use special Lua characters, thus they are disabled so users can use them as legitimate characters that can be blocked when typed in chat. " I was hoping for you to show us how to/where to d...
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter12-28-16
folder permissions
Posted By: RLD
The last several updates via the curse client badboy will not install do to folder permissions. Badboy is the only addon that has this issue. I have to force delete the directory and download the zip from here and install it manually. Battlenet app nor the curse client can seem to repair the badboy directory. RLD
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler08-27-16
from github
Posted By: RLD
-- LadyUrsila commented Aug 24, 2016 edited ok i do have 1 more issue. My single target macros is casting my sidewinders and it is not in my list. How do I make it stop? Does it have something to do with my talent list? -- MM Hunters no longer have arcane shot. it turns into sidewinders. if you look on the spells page it sh...
File: Vendor Counter08-26-16
double lines
Posted By: RLD
This has been happening for a long while; Session ended,vendored,purchased, and total get printed to chat twice. Could you possibly fix this. Its driving me nuts. Unfortunately your addon is the only one that shows your type of info. Vendor session ended. You vendored 1 item(s) and received 60 0 You purchased 1 item(s) and...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler08-24-16
gs beta 1.3 May I make a suggest...
Posted By: RLD
gs beta 1.3 May I make a suggestion. Separate save and close buttons. Close should not mean save imo. If I chose to look at the seq in the editor and make no changes it should not do a save, update vers, or create a LiveTest seq that needs to be deleted or removed later on close . On the other hand if I make an edit there should b...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler08-15-16
gsse broken
Posted By: RLD
all my personal macros edited fine with previous version 1.15a. now getting this error when trying to edit: Message: ...terface\AddOns\GS-SequenceEditor\translator-core.lua:165: attempt to get length of global 'GSTRUnfoundSpells' (a nil value) Time: Mon Aug 15 15:22:59 2016 Count: 4 Stack: ...terface\AddOns\GS-SequenceEditor\tr...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-31-16
shame I can't find a register link...
Posted By: RLD
shame I can't find a register link at wowlazy. I won't link my bliz,fb,twitter acct to login. Its a security issue for me and the site imo. no matter how safe ppl will say it is. thats like saying a unloaded gun is safe; until it goes bang. email rejection from [email protected] provides no confidence with acct linkage. sorry...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-30-16
icon IDs
Posted By: RLD
Great job Luke!!! I was getting frustrated trying to find just the right icons for my macros via the blizzard interface even with LargerMacroIconSelection addon. SO, I got to searching on google and found a filedata.lua that has listed all the IDs for sound, maps, spells, abilities etc associated with their file paths. i.e. fd =...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-29-16
editing error
Posted By: RLD
It seems gsse doesn't like editing any macros that have PreMacro/PostMacro taken out. It also doesn't appear to like spell sequences starting with a . like '.Renewal'. I don't have an issue with leaving Pre/Post in and issuing no commands in either. But one of your videos shows you taking out Pre/Post. Could be confusing to users try...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-27-16
Re: New Druid Addon Pack
Posted By: RLD
Hey Everyone, I just got a note from HiroYakamura. He has released an addon for GS-E with specialist Druid Macros: https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/druid-macro-plugin-gse /quote] Yes, nicely done.
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-26-16
lua error
Posted By: RLD
Message: Interface\AddOns\GS-Core\Core.lua:204: CreateMacro() failed, already have 120 macros I went back to as far as the .02 release and got the same error. When the error started showing up I thought maybe blizz had done an update and broke GS. But I got to looking and yesterday I added a couple of more "toon specific" macro...
File: GSE:Advanced Macro Compiler07-19-16
Need to be careful with boomie spel...
Posted By: RLD
Need to be careful with boomie spells.... sunfire and lunar strike are AOE spells now. If you want a selective pull use moonfire and solar wrath. Moonfire will only dot 1 mob unless you tab target. Sunfire dots the whole group. I suggest using /castsequence reset=target Moonfire, Sunfire This way you can tab target with m...
File: Dominos03-01-15
druid bars not showing
Posted By: RLD
as the title sez and bags too
File: Titan Panel10-23-14
for some reason the latest patch lo...
Posted By: RLD
for some reason the latest patch loottype module is not working. titanloottype.lua:162 attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
File: SimpleVignette10-19-14
Unfortunately since 6.02 the only s...
Posted By: RLD
Unfortunately since 6.02 the only sound that works is Warning. I notice that other addons are using .og sound format instead of .mp3. I dont have a converter or I'd try that.