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File: Clique10-06-19
custom macros
Posted By: DivineBovine
Cladhaire, when I make custom macros for my spells I noticed I lose target. for example /cancelform /cast Rejuvenation I use as an emergency heal while shapeshifted. it works problem is it only cast on myself. anyway I can make it work for the target I clicked? or could you add cancelform option in general settings?
File: ArcHUD3 Classic10-03-19
possible to combine quartz with archud 3?
Posted By: DivineBovine
hello. im a returning player. last time I played I found an edited file that made quartz bar into an arc for archud. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on how to do it? or would you consider adding support to it? any info would be greatly appreciated. * last time I made mods was with the original lua. so i don't rec...
File: ncBiggerMacros06-09-10
Posted By: DivineBovine
I found a bug. your addon only works on general macro tab. not charater specific tab. yes you can make a big macro. but after 255 the action stops.
File: dHunterTool08-02-08
Posted By: DivineBovine
This is a great mod! it's replaced zhunter mod. I like this alot. my only suggestion... could you add support for sct?
File: Clique01-06-08
thanks for the great mod. I abuse t...
Posted By: DivineBovine
thanks for the great mod. I abuse this thing. my only question is this. Anyway you can heal pet by clicking on the pet frame? or is that a frame issue? thanks for any feedback in advance.
File: Bagnon03-05-06
could you look into bagnon_KC for t...
Posted By: DivineBovine
could you look into bagnon_KC for the new .941 version?