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File: New Openables12-20-14
a very neat concept. some questi...
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a very neat concept. some questions: 1) How do you move the button? the middle of the screen is the worst place for this when you're trying to play. It was not left click draggable. Perhaps an option to 'auto hide on combat'? 2) it is not detecting raw beast hide scraps. It detected an item i got from a garrison misison th...
File: TomTom12-01-14
I've posted a new beta version:...
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I've posted a new beta version: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/downloadbeta328 This should fix some of the issues with Astrolabe and with the duplicate zone names. Nagrand will now be present as both Nagrand:Outland and Nagrand:Draenor. Other addons that use TomTom:AddWaypoint() should function correctly now. Let me know...
File: Broker_Everything10-31-13
Hizaro, Thank you all for your...
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Hizaro, Thank you all for your support over the last couple of years. I'm glad that you have found this addon helpful. Ekat. This addon has become central to how i play wow. silly but true. thanks for your hard work and to hizuro for picking it up :)
File: Slash Magic09-29-13
great Idea
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I can't wait til I get home from work and can play with this.
File: Rebel Yell09-09-13
Obsolete with 5.4
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This will become obsolete with 5.4 but it could prove useful as a simple example on parsing a chat message and generating a sound under certain conditions. if there happen to be other similar situations i'll resurrect it :)
File: Darkmoon Professional07-07-13
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thank you so much for writing this! and you updated it before i had time to come to the site and post about 'mild spices' thanks x2 for that :)
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills09-18-12
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Your collection of code fixes corrected all of the problems i've been having. thanks
File: GupPet04-18-10
not detecting the lack of artisan flying
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I have a 72 with riding 225, not that it matters but I've not yet decided if using up 4000 gold for artisan riding is worth it for a character I may not play very much once it's 80. i recently bought the celestial steed which scales to your riding skill. Your addon detects it as a Fast (280-310%) mount but in fact for me its on...