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File: Darkmoon Professional07-11-19
Re: Whee!!!!!!
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Thank you for updating! I never found anyone else to pick it up. :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: -Barleduq It's good to be back! =)
File: Darkmoon Professional01-17-19
Hey! Sorry about the delay in ge...
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Hey! Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Holiday season, work and such y'know? Anyway, the sad truth is that I haven't really been playing WoW for a good year or so by now and don't really see much in BFA that's about to bring me back. I'll try to post something official over the weekend on both my addons, but I'm def...
File: Darkmoon Professional09-07-18
Hi! Author here, I'm still alive, t...
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Hi! Author here, I'm still alive, though currently on a bit of a WoW break. However, I still have access to the game through trial/veteran account, so looking at the error could be feasible - give me the info you have and I'll try to look into it when I get a spare moment.
File: Darkmoon Professional11-02-14
Re: Re: Re: fantastic!
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Cool! But woud it be possible to only display this broker in the bar when the Darkmoon is up? Like reading it out of the calender? :D I'll look into it. The addon does keep track of whether the Faire is up anyway (through the Calendar). =)
File: Darkmoon Professional07-08-13
Re: fantastic!
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thank you so much for writing this! and you updated it before i had time to come to the site and post about 'mild spices' thanks x2 for that :) Glad you like it. =) I hadn't found an addon to help me keep track, so I figured I might as well take a stab at it myself... And the Mild Spices were a major brain-hiccup that I di...
File: QuestGuru06-30-13
Achievement Tracker Bug
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Having the same problem as many others with the achievement tracking going wrong. Looking at the error you get (trying to work with a nil value) and the fact that it happens only on reload (ie whenever you hit a loading screen like when entering an instance or switching continents), I'm guessing it happens with a sync inssue, that...