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File: GnomishVendorShrinker04-16-17
I'm also experiencing the list popp...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
I'm also experiencing the list popping up to the top after buying an item. Another thing that happened after 7.2 is that some items are highlighting blue and some aren't. However, it isn't throwing any errors. For example, from the Legionfall Artificer, I am not honored yet for both these items and do not have the shards for t...
File: TomTom10-19-14
Looks like things are going to be b...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Looks like things are going to be broken for a bit until I can get some things fixed. Please bear with me and I'll do my best to get things resolved. Thank you for your wonderful work, I can't wait!
File: bBars07-04-12
Key Bindings
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Hi there, I recently discovered this addon and quite like the minimalistic approach. However, I am testing this addon in MoP and I have having the same problem that lerb is having. The difference is that I was trying to change keybinds in bMultibar7. It changes bar1 as well. Whenever I use the key, it will always try to use the ac...
File: VendorBait01-03-11
There's a conflict with Pawn if you...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
There's a conflict with Pawn if you use it to show you which item is an upgrade for you in Quest Rewards. (The option that puts a green up arrow on the item). VendorBait will work more often if you turn that option off.
File: zBrokerDurability11-27-10
lol that's right, I forgot about th...
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lol that's right, I forgot about that. I guess it needs updating :(
File: zBrokerDurability11-01-10
What is this "Kobold Camp" faction...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
What is this "Kobold Camp" faction that keeps coming up? Is that just neutral? lol That's pretty funny.
File: Broker Group05-26-10
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Any plan on moving this addon from Deformat-2.0 to 3.0 so that it would be fully Ace3? :)
File: Broker ItemRack10-12-08
Hello, I would like to request to h...
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Hello, I would like to request to have Alt+Click added to turn off event like ItemRack's mini-map button does.... or was it Alt+RightClick? Either one is fine as long as it's in there and I don't have to go through the config page. This would be awesome :)
File: LightHeaded08-01-08
bEQL does this. http://www.wowace....
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bEQL does this. http://www.wowace.com/wiki/Beql Works with LightHeaded. :) Originally posted by mko Great addon. Is there a addon that does the same for item? Like "this item used in x quest" ?
File: CharacterInfo09-28-07
You need to pick up "CharacterInfo"...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
You need to pick up "CharacterInfo" not CharacterInfoFu (unless you want it for your FuBar)
File: PerfectRaid06-27-07
Thanks so much! What about the hig...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Thanks so much! What about the highlight issue? Originally posted by Cladhaire The first is an issue with fontstring scaling, I'll look into if I can compensate for it. The second, open up the buff, and click the "Don't check this buff" checkbox.
File: PerfectRaid06-25-07
Hi there, thank you for this great...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Hi there, thank you for this great mod! Couple questions... I've been unchecking Highlight player when mouse-over and hit Save and it works until the I log off and join a new raid. Is this suppose to happen? (per session only?) When I scale up (1 to 1.25), the buff text gets squished. The width doesn't seem to grow correctly...
File: PerfectRaid05-05-07
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Hi hi, I love this mod! And I've just been asked by my raid to heal pets and I have to use the ugly blizzard ones. I know, who heals pets right? lol Can you make this an option to show pet frames (under a separate class? I don't care lol) Thanks for all the work into this mod!
File: PerfectRaid04-15-07
Great! I don't mind going into /pra...
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Great! I don't mind going into /praid options and just check and uncheck, my keyboard is fully binded. lol Originally posted by Cladhaire At the moment no, I'd like to have a keybind or something to do this tho.
File: PerfectRaid04-14-07
Is there a way to show/hide frames...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Is there a way to show/hide frames without deleting it? I would like to see them when I'm buffing (as a mage) and turn them off when we're on the go (and pull them up when we're between combat).
File: PerfectRaid04-14-07
First Load Error
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Hiya, I'm a new user. I'm getting this error only when I first log into my character (but happens every time I switch toons...) I hope this is the right place to post this! Date: 2007-04-14 11:35:12 ID: 37 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\PerfectRaid\PerfectRaid.lua line 62: attempt to index field 'globa...
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu12-11-06
oops... typo!! Deformat-2.0 No "N"...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
oops... typo!! Deformat-2.0 No "N" lol Originally posted by Sideswipe Okie, i put the Gratutity-2.0.lua and Deformant-2.0.lua in \World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\FuBar_DurabilityFu\libs\Gratutity-2.0 & Deformant-2.0\ and I now get this error when I log in: Error: Gratuity-2.0: FindDeformat requires Deformat-2.0 to be...
File: FuBar - DurabilityFu12-10-06
Grab both Gratuity and Deformant of...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Grab both Gratuity and Deformant off WoWAce and put (just the lua) in the libs/Gratutity-2.0 and libs/Deformant-2.0 This will fix the problem. (It's late and I hope that made sense to you)
File: FuBar - GroupFu12-10-06
Re: Rabbit
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I don't know enough programming to mess with L removal lol (but I can write a simple Linux Shell script... wtf) As for spellbinding, there's always Clique :P Originally posted by Lord-Xain Well, semi-good news. Rabbit's post just below yours has a 20000 toc...So I tried it out. If you go through and remove all the L (probably...
File: FuBar - GroupFu12-09-06
So... what's the good word on a WoW...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
So... what's the good word on a WoW 2.0.1 version? :)
File: Cryolysis v1.2.511-30-06
oooo Double the size of Arcanum, bu...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
oooo Double the size of Arcanum, but with timers! Which to use :(
File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-22-06
Loading a different profile and bac...
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Loading a different profile and back to the one you're using seems to fix it as well if you're too lazy to reload :D Originally posted by drathos It's some oddity of the Ace2 libraries. There's an issue with one of them that causes all Ace2 addons to not load properly, unfortunately there's no error being thrown to help debug i...
File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-21-06
Re: Re: Shaman error
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
Would it help if you add a space in the long name and no space for the short name? "Ankh" vs. "Ankh "? Originally posted by drathos Unfortunate side effect of the short name being the same as the full name. Changed the way they were stored to fix this.
File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-17-06
Shaman error
Posted By: FireAllianceNX
I'm getting the following error when I log into my shaman with short named checked (in the default profile, loads on all my other toons fine.) I haven't had the chance to look at the code yet, but maybe you already got a fix? :P ReagentFu.lua:258: AceLocale(ReagentFu): Translation "Ankh.SHORT.SHORT" does not exist.