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File: AnyFavoriteMount06-07-15
Posted By: menace97
Thanks Phanx :D This was very annoying for me as well, being a lock, and not being able to set one of my favorites as my Dreadsteed. Excellent works as usual! :banana:
File: gBanker05-13-15
Thank you Sara
Posted By: menace97
i thought it might be something like that, i should've emphasized that it is really only affecting guild banking. when dealing with personal bank, it is perfect as before! i did notice though that when taking items from the guild bank will take them 4 at a time for me, but i don't have to keep clicking the button to take more, it...
File: gBanker05-13-15
Will only move 4 items to Guild Bank now :(
Posted By: menace97
i'm not sure what exactly changed with blizzard, but somehow i can only now move 4 things to my guild bank when i click the give button or use any filter button. for e.g. chat log will read: gBanker: Moving 30 item(s) gBanker: Done! i look in guild bank, and look in bags, every time for some reason, only 4 items will move...
File: Auditor04-28-15
gone from curse, not working as it used to.
Posted By: menace97
so this now appears to be completely gone from curse (where a newer one than wow interface was) thanks for updating this, i really haven't found something that does what this used to do so well :( i'm surprised that more people wouldn't love to have an addon to see where all their incomings and outgoings are from. i have found it...
File: 1337 Achievement Helper04-11-15
Update Would Be Much Appreciated!
Posted By: menace97
I sure would love to have an update of this awesome addon. It sure filled in the gaps where something like Overachiever missed some areas. Here's to hoping someone picks this up and updates it for WoD. :banana:
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills04-09-15
so nice to have this working again! :)
Posted By: menace97
thanks so much for getting this up and running again griffin224 *bows* - i used to rely on this great addon in the past, but i was having trouble with it a while back and stopped using it. it's great to have it back :) one thing i always wished it could do, is "ignore" a certain character, instead of having to delete it each time...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills04-04-15
Re: Possibility of updating the really other useful Ara addon: Guild/Friends
Posted By: menace97
ABT isn't actually mine, I simply took it over to hopefully keep it updated, so there aren't any other of "my" addons to post. ;) If you mean the other Ara addons I can take a look and see what needs to be done to "fix" them then talk to the mods for those addons if they are inactive. I have added Ara Tradeskill Broker to Curse s...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends04-04-15
Not displaying correct status sometimes
Posted By: menace97
unfortunately ara broker guild/friends is sometimes displaying people in my guild and/or friends list as on remote chat when they are actually in-game playing. it seems to only be the option which allow you to select whether you want an icon, text based on class, or unformatted text (i believe those are the three options). so it t...
File: Altoholic03-16-15
Re: Re: problem when switching toons
Posted By: menace97
Message: Interface\AddOns\DataStore\DataStore.lua:177: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) Time: 02/26/15 11:13:15 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\DataStore\DataStore.lua:177: in function "]:4: in function <"]:4> : ? "]:13: in function `?' ...ore\libs\Callbac...
File: TomTom03-03-15
Quest POI Integration
Posted By: menace97
I'm having a similar issue with the arrow not appearing, as I cannot add a Quest POI on the map anymore as a waypoint. I can still add my own waypoints in which the waypoint arrow appears and works as expected, but as I mentioned above, I cannot (modify) click a quest POI to use TomTom to go to that location. For the time being...
File: TipTac02-01-15
change tooltip location when hovering over items in bags/bank
Posted By: menace97
there are many ways that tiptac can alter tooltips, but i can't seem to figure out how to change the behavior of the tooltip when hovering over items in my bags/bank. is there a way to change the default location of THAT tooltip? i see it tends to go to the top right of an item if you are on the left portion of your screen, and top l...
File: CaptainsLog12-14-14
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what a unique and great addon. i've only just come across it and i'm enjoying the way it displays the conversations/channels in such a easy-to-read manner. tyvm cladhaire!
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends12-11-14
Thank you :D
Posted By: menace97
Thanks very much for the update MysticalOS!
File: Ara_Broker_Tradeskills12-11-14
i can't thank you enough for revivi...
Posted By: menace97
i can't thank you enough for reviving this! much appreciated. i haven't found another similar addon to be anywhere near as good as this one.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills12-11-14
thank you so much!
Posted By: menace97
Thought this would be old news, but apparently not. There is a fixed version here on Wow Interface, at http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info22351.html Works just fine on my system. much appreciated *bows* - i absolutely love this addon, and haven't found any of the similar addons anywhere near as good as this! :D
File: Homing Digeon12-08-14
thank you very much Gello! this is...
Posted By: menace97
thank you very much Gello! this is such a handy addon. i really appreciate your help :)
File: RatingBuster12-07-14
No Success with RatingBuster Still
Posted By: menace97
i have tried using newer libraries and unfortunately RatingBuster is dead as far as i can tell. does anybody know of an addon that simply displays the item level of ALL items in-game - so not talking about gear ilevels - just the item level blizzard has designated every item they put in game? RatingBuster had an option to do th...
File: Homing Digeon12-07-14
just out of curiosity Gello, is tha...
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just out of curiosity Gello, is that comma after "Kalimdor" intentional? it just looked odd being the only one with a comma after it. thanks so much for keeping this alive Gello *bows*
File: Auditor11-30-14
Thank you very much for keeping thi...
Posted By: menace97
Thank you very much for keeping this active - it's a very helpful addon. Much appreciated!
File: Engravings11-29-14
Item Level Option, for any/all items in-game
Posted By: menace97
Tekkub, thanks for such an awesome addon, i just love being able to add notes to any items. :) so useful! one request i would really love to have is to display the item level of ANY/ALL items in-game. so i'm not talking about all the addons that show an item level of gear, just to display blizzard's sometimes hidden, item level of...
File: The Undermine Journal11-29-14
thank you so much for bringing this...
Posted By: menace97
thank you so much for bringing this back! absolutely fantastic.
File: RatingBuster11-27-14
Pawn is absolutely awesome, agreed....
Posted By: menace97
Pawn is absolutely awesome, agreed. But I really do miss a few features that RatingBuster has. So give Pawn a try, and I'm sure you'll be very satisfied. It is excellent, and very polished. Again, I too would really love to see an update for WoD. *pleads* I just thought I would add that although the project is labeled as...
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)11-26-14
ignore arrow keys in message box option GONE
Posted By: menace97
this used to be an option in previous versions of wim. i'm not sure if this is a limitation that blizzard has enforced but it sure would be nice to go left and right through typed text with the arrow keys without using the ALT key. thanks! :)
File: WhisperColor11-26-14
i'm giving this a try again, hopefu...
Posted By: menace97
i'm giving this a try again, hopefully it will work with wod, i sure love this addon! thanks :)
File: gBanker11-24-14
thank you very much for the update...
Posted By: menace97
thank you very much for the update Sara! awesome addon. *bows*