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File: Papapaint's Healer UI07-08-11
so far, after some tweaking, I'm lo...
Posted By: tacypoc
so far, after some tweaking, I'm loving this UI, but I'm curious as to how you have your PRAT set up? the settings didn't come thru on that and I like seeing how others do things (then tweak it to my style afterwards lol)
File: TipTac05-27-11
I'm actually having the same issue...
Posted By: tacypoc
I'm actually having the same issue that Raecius posted about .... when comparing items - the secondary tooltip is really small and difficult to read ... what am I missing? LOL I would mention what addons I'm using, but just d/l TUSUI and still in the process of figuring out what everything is lol...
File: Rosoaa's UI05-22-07
Posted By: tacypoc
Noticed that there is an update ... wondering if I download this "new" one, will I have to reset all of my buttons and spells again?
File: Rosoaa's UI05-07-07
2 questions 1- I play a druid a...
Posted By: tacypoc
2 questions 1- I play a druid and when I go into cat form a little orange bar shows up ... I'm assuming that it's a rogue thing - but how do you get rid of it? 2- also in cat mode (haven't noticed it any other form, but could be wrong) the words "MH 1.25" show up in the bottom right of the screen blocking some of my buttons .....