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File: Auctionator ClassicFix09-09-19
Could you add support for searching...
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
Could you add support for searching with sub-sub-categories? Like Armor/Cloth/Back instead of just Armor/Cloth
File: GnomishVendorShrinker09-06-19
WoW Classic Support
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
I got it working in Classic by commenting out the following lines, but I may have missed something. Init.lua:29, KnownScanner.lua:6, /frames/MainFrame.lua:73, /frames/MerchantItem.lua:138, /frames/RowShader.lua:14, /frames/RowShader.lua:17 Also for compatibility with Zygor's Sell Grays button, change /frames/SearchField.lua:7 t...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker (Fan Update for BFA) GVS11-24-18
I think the highlighting logic is b...
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
I think the highlighting logic is broken, it's showing some items that I cant use/buy highlighted in white or just not in red, and it's showing currencies that I have enough of in red
File: For All Indents And Purposes11-18-18
Re: Embedding FAIAP with a WOWACE multilineeditbox
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
@TimothyLuke I'm getting the same error just trying to get this to work with TinyPad, something that it's supposed to support by default. I think EditBox:GetMaxBytes() has been removed somewhere along the line, would explain why trying to call it is throwing errors like that
File: Linkerize11-18-18
Pasting links into chat edit box doesn't work
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
I don't know when this broke, but as of 8.0.1, ChatFrame1EditBox:GetMaxLetters() always returns 0. This causes the addon to always say "Not enough room to paste a clickable link." when trying to paste into the chat box. TinyPadEditBox:GetMaxLetters() still works as expected, so I'm not sure what's wrong with the chat edit box.
File: GnomishVendorShrinker07-22-16
If you need an update for 7.0 say t...
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
If you need an update for 7.0 say thank you to Talyrius on github (thanks from me too): Step1: Grab the latest version off of github (topright download as zip for example) https://github.com/TekNoLogic/GnomishVendorShrinker Step2: Apply the fixes described in the commits of this pull request (if it is not already pulled yet th...
File: AdvancedIconSelector07-20-16
Both versions of this addon are out...
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
Both versions of this addon are out of date and broken, so I made a very small/simple one that just uses a slash command to set icons for your macros. http://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/edit-macro-icons
File: TinyPad10-06-10
I love this! I was just thinking I...
Posted By: Shaun Dreclin
I love this! I was just thinking I really needed a notepad that supports item links, and was groaning about having to code one myself.. Then I run into this baby :D I've just gone one request, add a monospace font like courier for us nerds who like to make tables :3 Edit: Never mind, I figured out how to add fonts! For anyone...