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File: TomTom09-01-19
How Do I find out which zone name TomTom understands? e.g. Dalaran
Posted By: essmene
I want to create a named waypoint to Dalaran in Broken Isles. I tried /way Dalaran and got "9 possible mataches for Dalaran", but tomtom refuses to tell me the matches, so i can be more specific. /way list shows me I am in map 627, continent 619, world: 947 - Dalaran, Broken Isles, but I have no idea how to translante the numbe...
File: SmartBuff08-19-15
last login from the developer was 0...
Posted By: essmene
last login from the developer was 03.12.2014. I guess he/she stopped playing.
File: Buffet11-13-12
buffet beta does not know...
Posted By: essmene
buffet beta does not know about roasted barley tea: http://www.wowhead.com/item=81406
File: Pet Battle Quality Glow09-26-12
well done! - helps me a lot on tami...
Posted By: essmene
well done! - helps me a lot on taming - no need to tame release grey white pets anymore
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version09-15-12
Not happeing with 4.3.6. Love it...
Posted By: essmene
Not happeing with 4.3.6. Love it when problems fix themselves! :D I implemented your anti-taint code way back in 4.3.3. still happening to me... 13x AddOn "PowerAuras" tried to call the protected function "CompactRaidFrame31:Show()". !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function
File: Power Auras Classic v4 - MoP Version09-12-12
1x AddOn "PowerAuras" tried to cal...
Posted By: essmene
1x AddOn "PowerAuras" tried to call the protected function "CompactRaidFrame1:Show()". !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:276: in function "CompactUnitFrame_UpdateVisible" FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:234: in function "CompactUnitFrame_Upda...
File: Hear Kitty07-07-11
can you add support for marksman hunters - aimed shot procs?
Posted By: essmene
proc up to 5 stacks is http://www.wowhead.com/spell=82925 and maybe shadow priests shadow orbs. Or an in-game configuration, that lets you add a stackable spell yourself.
File: TourGuide_MidSummer_201106-27-11
would be nice if you would upload i...
Posted By: essmene
would be nice if you would upload it as .zip. The WowInterface UI Manager cannot cope with .rar files.
File: SilentRespec02-21-11
TalentSpam has wrong return values
Posted By: essmene
http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?p=315152#post315152 instead of if (hidelearndual and changingspec) or (hidelearnrespec and not changingspec) then return true else return false, args end it should be -- If option for hiding "Learned" messages is set for d...
File: Linkmate: Quests02-11-11
error with 4.06
Posted By: essmene
while picking up the JC daily: 1x Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2776: bad argument #1 to 'strlen' (string expected, got nil): Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2776: in function : (tail call): ?: (tail call): ?: LinkmateQuests-0.3\core.lua:28: in function `func' LinkmateQuests-0.3\TjQu...
File: Power Auras Classic01-24-11
Melee range / auto attack
Posted By: essmene
Hi, I noticed I got a few issues getting used to melee classes. I do have a enh. shaman twink and last night it is hard to tell wether i am in melee range or not and next that sometimes auto attack is off for weird reasons resulting in a huge dps loss. So I tried to setup two auras: (in combat) and not (in melee range)...
File: WhisperN00bMSBT01-21-11
hm :confused: - how do you configur...
Posted By: essmene
hm :confused: - how do you configure it? E.g. change the sound? Canīt find it listed in the addon options, in the MSBT options either.
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-20-11
it seems that flyout buttons has a...
Posted By: essmene
it seems that flyout buttons has a problem with macros: 4x FlyoutButtonCustom-1.71\FlyoutListButton.lua:643: table index is nil FlyoutButtonCustom-1.71\FlyoutListButton.lua:686: in function <...rface\AddOns\FlyoutButtonCustom\FlyoutListButton.lua:684> : ? IHML-v2.8-1-gcd5489e\IHML.lua:894: in function `SwapMacro' IH...
File: Power Auras Classic11-04-10
Mage: Focus Magic check
Posted By: essmene
Hi, I am a forgetful human and play my mage once a month. Thus i realize on the third dungeon that there is a nifty icon called focus magic... I did try to Setup a powa reminder for the condition that i am in a raid or party and I did not cast focus magic on another raid / party member. But I didnīt get it to work. I only...
File: Power Auras Classic11-04-10
Suggestion: Enable Display of Stacks
Posted By: essmene
Hi, Would it be possible to display the stacks of a buff? e.g.: Maelstrom Weapon http://www.wowhead.com/spell=65988 Water shield: http://www.wowhead.com/spell=52127 Evangelism http://cata.wowhead.com/spell=81659 Shadow Orbs http://cata.wowhead.com/spell=81659 At the moment it seems one has to add an event for each stac...
File: BankStack10-21-10
it seems the LDB Plugin no longer d...
Posted By: essmene
it seems the LDB Plugin no longer displays the number of pending moves. I am using v 20-1.
File: DagAssist03-03-10
The engineering teleporting devices...
Posted By: essmene
The engineering teleporting devices are missing: Wormhole Generator: Northrend Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station Dimensional Ripper - Area 52 Dimensional Ripper - Everlook
File: RantTooltip02-17-10
configuring RantTooltip
Posted By: essmene
Hi, i wanted to enable the Ranttooltip classic layout. So i installed this one, Ranttooltip classic -- and now i am stuck. I cannot find any button, command, .... to configure ranttooltip. I found a short command '/rtt' but this doesn't seem to be registered. The Wow Addon screen shows Ranttooltip, Ranttooptip: Options and...
File: BankStack12-19-09
Would it be possible to show the nu...
Posted By: essmene
Would it be possible to show the number of pending moves / total moves in the addon text ? Instead of +----------------+ | Bankstack | +----------------+ +----------------+ | Guild1 80/250 | {Name} {Completed or left over moves} / {total move count} +----------------+
File: Power Auras Classic12-10-09
somehow i am unable to extract the...
Posted By: essmene
somehow i am unable to extract the zip's on curse and wowi. 3.0.0a
File: Karma (player tracking/LFG tool)12-01-09
Bugsack: : Error: Original call fa...
Posted By: essmene
Bugsack: : Error: Original call failed after running hooks for: ChatFrame_OnEvent : Interface\FrameXML\ChatFrame.lua:2493: bad argument #1 to 'strlen' (string expected, got nil)(tail call): ?: Karma-30200.07\karma.lua:14604: in function `ChatFrame_OnEvent' :"*:OnEvent":1: in function <:1> : Stubby-130\Stubby.lua:381:...
File: BankStack11-22-09
Re: progress bar
Posted By: essmene
Originally posted by essmene Would it be possible to setup a progress bar for the pending moves for the guild bank ? (maybe with an estimated time). Sometimes i don't know if it's stuck or still working and how long it will need to compete sorting 8 guild bank tabs.
File: DagAssist (Continued)09-11-09
the argent tournament crusader tabb...
Posted By: essmene
the argent tournament crusader tabbard is missing. It has a 30 minute teleport to the argent tournament grounds.
File: RaidCooldowns09-11-09
cooldown for mage portal
Posted By: essmene
hi, adding a portal warning would be nice like BW_common auras Upon leaving a party / raid / group the cooldowns should reset / be deleted that are not my own.
File: TotemManager09-10-09
totemtimers is able to hide the def...
Posted By: essmene
totemtimers is able to hide the default totem bar. I have not yet figured out how i can affect my selected 'set' totems with the totem manager bars. Neither left nor right clicking does affect the set and i am forced to make my selection with the blizzard default totem interface -- which is a killer argument to use totem manager f...