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File: Magic Targets05-11-11
The latest version should fix this...
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The latest version should fix this rather bizarre bug.
File: BuffEnough02-10-11
Originally posted by todd3835 I'v...
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Originally posted by todd3835 I've managed to fix the Dalaran Brilliance issue. I'm not going to publically post it for now, while I try to get the author's permission (or have him add the fix, it's a simple fix). If you PM me, I will send you a zip file which will fix it. Be careful with Curse client though, because it may "upgrad...
File: BuffEnough12-05-10
Originally posted by Valcry Thank...
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Originally posted by Valcry Thanks for maintainance. I was really missing this addon :) My pleasure. I've been using this addon since it was first conceived.
File: Magic Marker12-01-10
Originally posted by Nykter Nice...
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Originally posted by Nykter Nice to see this brought alive again :) Altho got some errors but reported it at wowace. If you want it reported here instead just say. Wowace is better, since there's a ticket tracking system there. Thanks. Just fixed the nil error on first installation. I guess I never tried my database upgrade...
File: Bulk Mail Inbox11-29-10
Originally posted by lycanther Ex...
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Originally posted by lycanther Excellent. Could I put in a feature request? Shift-click (or some other modifier combo) to copy the item name from the Bulk Mail Inbox window to the search bar, and a button to clear the search bar. Reasonable request. I can perhaps re-use the item linking hotkey if the search field is selected. A...
File: Bulk Mail Inbox11-28-10
Re: fixed error?
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Originally posted by lycanther I may have found the cause of my fontsize errors...A quick glance in vim indicates that the word is capitalized as 'fontsize' in lines 260 and 1017 and 'fontSize' everywhere else. Changing these two lines puts an end to the error and the interface now seems fully functional. :banana: This is indee...
File: Magic Marker11-28-10
Originally posted by Kurtosis Lik...
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Originally posted by Kurtosis Like the idea for this addon alot, been fiddling with it, and realized it hasn't been updated to include the new 3.3 5mans - FoS, PoS, HoR. No ToC or ICC raid databases either. I don't see a way in the config menu to add these dungeons, is it possible to add new dungeons without having to go into t...
File: BuffEnough11-28-10
I've taken over maintenance of this...
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I've taken over maintenance of this addon and it's been updated on Curse. I'll see if I can get access to this one. Edit: Access gotten, new version uploaded.
File: Bulk Mail11-26-10
Re: Where is the author posting the files for this, curse websites or wowinterface?
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The source is hosted on WowAce.com (just search for it) in SVN. We discussed your send all feature in private messages but for the same of the readers, this isn't currently possible. An option to make a character a "drain" can be added - drain meaning that upon opening the send window, all sendable items will be queued for sending.
File: BulkMail2 (Fan update)11-15-10
Official author changes
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Hello. I just officially took over BulkMail2 (with permission from the original author) and will be updating it going forward. New version is up on curse. Not sure if I'll post it on wow interface as well though.
File: TomTom11-12-10
I figured out why I couldn't click...
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I figured out why I couldn't click the world map to create new waypoints. Basically this piece of code in TomTom.lua: if WorldMapButton:GetScript("OnMouseUp") == origScript then WorldMapButton:SetScript("OnMouseUp", WorldMapButton_OnClick) end wasn't executing as expected. If I remove the if statement and just put this...
File: Magic Runes10-12-10
Originally posted by duhwhat grea...
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Originally posted by duhwhat great addon. one suggestion would be the option to do your timers a la omnicc, allowing for color and size changes as the timer diminishes. do let us know when rune bar should be preferred over the core of magic runes. edit: another idea would be to also allow coloration of the timer font,...
File: Magic Targets10-03-10
Originally posted by Capricorn180...
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Originally posted by Capricorn180 I too am interested in this, I had a crack at modifying the LUA to do it but submit defeat. This would be handy as hell especially for AoE dps but I'll keep trying, just having trouble with the threat code, doesn't look 'mission impossible' however, threat data is accessable these days. Frame clic...
File: Golden Ticket09-24-09
Originally posted by Iwa Washi Af...
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Originally posted by Iwa Washi After I create a ticket, I can't abandon it. Or you can try what the tooltip says - middle click it.
File: Magic Runes08-11-09
I'll see if I can repeat and fix th...
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I'll see if I can repeat and fix that one. Edit: Err. IconDisplay.lua only has 922 lines. How can you have an error on line 1042? Try removing the installed copy entirely, and re-installing. Might have an old version or something.
File: Golden Ticket08-09-09
The newly uploaded version works ag...
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The newly uploaded version works again. Thanks for the report.
File: Magic Targets08-07-09
Originally posted by reefs Is it...
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Originally posted by reefs Is it at all possible to integrate threat detection into this mod, or has it already been done? Also, I can't click units in the list - can that be toggled on, or would that be another new feature? There is no threat detection in the addon, only detection on whether or not a mob is being tanked at the...
File: Magic Marker08-07-09
1.0.152 fixes this issue. It also m...
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1.0.152 fixes this issue. It also merges heroic and normal raids (no difference between the two) and adds a nicer display for the mob database (see new screenshot).
File: Magic Targets05-07-09
Originally posted by Oakayam It d...
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Originally posted by Oakayam It doesn't seem to pick up newest Rabbit polymorph. T_T http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44793 Fixed in 2.0.88. I also added 3 other mage polymorphs and the hunter freezing arrow.
File: Magic Marker04-27-09
Sorry, been really busy with raidin...
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Sorry, been really busy with raiding (7 days per week between 25 man and 10 man raids) and firedrill fixes to other addons. I simply haven't had any time to work on this yet.
File: Magic Targets04-24-09
Originally posted by fullmetalcow...
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Originally posted by fullmetalcow Hmm, regarding targetting. If players had a focus on the mobs, could the addon use that to get to playername.Focus to target the mob. I'm looking for something that works with Emalon to make targetting the right add easier. Unfortunately since 2.0 there is no way for an addon to target progr...
File: Magic Runes04-17-09
Originally posted by Fateful I'm...
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Originally posted by Fateful I'm having a problem, whenever I log in or /reloadui that magic runes resets to the default and none of the profiles I've made exist anymore. No I do not Alt F4 out of wow. This particular issue should be fixed in version 1.0.60.
File: Magic Targets04-17-09
LibSimpleBar fixed
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The issue with LibSimpleBar-1.0 is fixed in 2.0.80. I had fixed this earlier but forgot to upload the new version to WoWInterface.
File: Golden Ticket04-15-09
Re: Partly broken in 3.1
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Originally posted by Wizardling Error: attempt to call global 'TicketStatusFrame_OnMouseUp' (a nil value) AddOn: GoldenTicket File: GoldenTicket.lua Line: 47 Count: 5 Thanks for the report. I'll fix it.\ Edit: Fixed in r13.
File: Magic Runes04-13-09
Originally posted by Fonjask Are...
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Originally posted by Fonjask Are you sure you uploaded the correct file? Still getting the errors. Yeah I did. However you need to remove the previous copy rather than overwriting it. You still had that incorrect file there so the unzipping still didn't work.