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File: rTooltip10-14-18
It is already fixed in the git. Tho...
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It is already fixed in the git. Those are called embedded tooltips and must not be styled. Will update the addon later.
File: Zork UI10-14-18
Disable the addon rIngameModelViewe...
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Disable the addon rIngameModelViewer. To move any bar ingame you can use /rabs unlock to unlock and /rabs lock to lock them again in chat.
File: oUF_Simple10-14-18
Arena frames are already added to t...
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Arena frames are already added to the git. They need an arena prep update only available in the oUF git atm. Friendly player nameplates are already added you just need to hit the keybind to enable them. Friendly NPC nameplates are added too, just disabled with a cvar setting in the nameplate config of oUF_SimpleConfig. Blizzard prev...
File: oUF_Simple10-12-18
Re: Debuff filtering
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Yes that is pretty easy. You can change your aura filter to "HARMFUL|PLAYER" for debuffs. If that is not enough you can provide a custom filter. Nameplate config has an example for such an custom filter.
File: Zork UI10-02-18
Shielded casts are greyed out. Norm...
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Shielded casts are greyed out. Normal casts are yellow. I tank m+ aswell and no issues yet. You can change the color in the global.lua of oUF_SimpleConfig. You can set interruptable casts to pink if you want?! :p https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/oUF_SimpleConfig/global.lua#L55
File: oUF_Simple10-02-18
Ohhh, you want something else. You...
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Ohhh, you want something else. You don't want smooth you want frequentupdates. It is currently not available but I added it. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/commit/0d95cc7e3458b6ab305d2a8ed7627fecbc7323f1 You would need the latest oUF_Simple from git until I update the wowi version. This allows you to use the frequentUpdates att...
File: oUF_Simple10-01-18
@Rintrah It is nothing I am going...
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@Rintrah It is nothing I am going to add back in but it can be added by using the oUF_Smooth module. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow6.0/oUF_Diablo/modules/oUF_Smooth.lua Once the module is added you can use it on your health and/or power elements like so: self.Health.Smooth = true self.Power.Smooth = true Only...
File: Zork UI09-24-18
You can resize it to any size you w...
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You can resize it to any size you want with /rfilter unlock. That being said. You can always use Weakauras insted if it is to much of a hassle.
File: Zork UI09-22-18
Tested it. Works fine. https://git...
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Tested it. Works fine. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/commit/da27a9cf4a86f995bdc3705bf171976ae86a6693 if L.C.playerClass == "ROGUE" then rFilter:CreateDebuff(1833,"target",36,{"CENTER"},"show;hide",{0.2,1},true,"player") --deep wounds end If you always want to show it use "show" instead of "show;hide".
File: Zork UI09-17-18
The player and pet frames each have...
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The player and pet frames each have a config file that is currently setup to only show under a given macro condition. Find this part https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/oUF_SimpleConfig/player.lua#L20 and remove the frameVisibility and fader attributes. Basically remove everything between scale and healthbar. Do the s...
File: Zork UI09-17-18
Ohh snap. Just disable the addon rI...
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Ohh snap. Just disable the addon rIngameModelViewer then. I probably forgot to remove it before uploading. :) I only need it when I am looking for models. I have it disabled myself.
File: Zork UI09-17-18
@Colipe There is a close button in...
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@Colipe There is a close button in the lower left. If you have auto-afk enabled in the interface options moving the character with the movement keys disables it aswell. You can test it by typing /afk. If you don't need the addon you can just disable it. That applies to all of the addons provided. Only use what you like.
File: Zork UI09-16-18
You can't unless you always show it...
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You can't unless you always show it. There is no such macro trigger.
File: rStatusButton09-08-18
@Shrulk https://github.com/zorker/...
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@Shrulk https://github.com/zorker/rothui/issues/58
File: Zork UI09-07-18
Re: Selected Mob NamePlate
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Currently there is no element that you can make use off. Health statusbar has class/reaction/health/threat coloring. Health backdropborder has debuffhighlight coloring. There is however another CVAR vor selected scale. You might want to try that.
File: rObjectiveTracker09-05-18
rObjectiveTracker is allowing a res...
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rObjectiveTracker is allowing a resize of the frame next to drag which is setting the frame to a fixed size. You can check it with /fstack. For the frame fader to work you have to enable the mouse for the frame. Otherwise OnEnter/OnLeave will not fire. Any mouse enabled frame cannot be clicked through if it is shown. The frame...
File: Numeration Damage Meter09-02-18
I have a suggestion for the addon....
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I have a suggestion for the addon. Adding the option to display the window via macro visibility state driver. Window.lua local window = CreateFrame("Frame", "NumerationFrame", UIParent, "SecureHandlerStateTemplate") RegisterStateDriver(window, "visibility", C.frameVisibility) Config.lua frameVisibility = " show; hide", That...
File: Zork UI08-31-18
Re: Unit Aura Duration
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@Qupe It is the attribute disableCooldown on your buff and debuff configuration. Example for boss with enabled cooldowns: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/oUF_SimpleConfig/boss.lua#L88 The timer text comes from either Blizzard cooldown timer text or OmniCC. @Infury There is no class bar for DK runes atm. Isn't...
File: Zork UI08-30-18
@infury128 Thanks. If you are talk...
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@infury128 Thanks. If you are talking about cooldown numbers, those can be activated in your Blizzard interface options under actionbars. Omnicc does the same however. The tank coloring attribute is called colorThreatInvers. You can remove the attribute on units you do not want colored by tank threat. https://github.com/zorker/rot...
File: Zork UI08-26-18
@Longwei The action bar setup is h...
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@Longwei The action bar setup is here: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/rActionBar_Zork/layout.lua#L78 Numcols is the number of columns aka number of buttons per row. On top you can either change the points in the lua file or move them ingame with /rab unlock. If you use the lua file to change the button positi...
File: Zork UI08-25-18
Re: action bar keybinds
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@Flacdav Hotkey settings are here: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/rButtonTemplate_Zork/theme.lua#L138 Set the alpha to 1 if you really need them.
File: Zork UI08-24-18
Dafür musst du die jeweilige Konfig...
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Dafür musst du die jeweilige Konfigurationsdatei anpassen. Das geht am besten mit Notepad++ oder Visual Studio Code. Beispiel für den player frame: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/oUF_SimpleConfig/player.lua#L20 Die Zeile auskommentieren mit zwei Bindestrichen. --frameVisibility = " show; hide", Ähnlich...
File: rChat08-21-18
Re: Adding a background to the chat frame
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@LVNDSCAPE https://i.imgur.com/r3Os6xq.jpg?1
File: rStatusButton08-21-18
Added Island Weekly Quest Progress.
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Added Island Weekly Quest Progress.
File: rButtonAura08-18-18
Feel free to write one. You can rep...
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Feel free to write one. You can replace rButtonAura_Zork with a config addon that has the desired GUI and calls rButtonAura:AddAura(aura) for each of the auras the GUI provides.