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File: Zork UI08-26-18
@Longwei The action bar setup is h...
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@Longwei The action bar setup is here: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/rActionBar_Zork/layout.lua#L78 Numcols is the number of columns aka number of buttons per row. On top you can either change the points in the lua file or move them ingame with /rab unlock. If you use the lua file to change the button positi...
File: Zork UI08-25-18
Re: action bar keybinds
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@Flacdav Hotkey settings are here: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/rButtonTemplate_Zork/theme.lua#L138 Set the alpha to 1 if you really need them.
File: Zork UI08-24-18
Dafür musst du die jeweilige Konfig...
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Dafür musst du die jeweilige Konfigurationsdatei anpassen. Das geht am besten mit Notepad++ oder Visual Studio Code. Beispiel für den player frame: https://github.com/zorker/rothui/blob/master/wow8.0/oUF_SimpleConfig/player.lua#L20 Die Zeile auskommentieren mit zwei Bindestrichen. --frameVisibility = " show; hide", Ähnlich...
File: rChat08-21-18
Re: Adding a background to the chat frame
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@LVNDSCAPE https://i.imgur.com/r3Os6xq.jpg?1
File: rStatusButton08-21-18
Added Island Weekly Quest Progress.
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Added Island Weekly Quest Progress.
File: rButtonAura08-18-18
Feel free to write one. You can rep...
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Feel free to write one. You can replace rButtonAura_Zork with a config addon that has the desired GUI and calls rButtonAura:AddAura(aura) for each of the auras the GUI provides.
File: Zork UI08-17-18
@Biowoolf I need an /fstack of tho...
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@Biowoolf I need an /fstack of those frames. Are you sure you are using the latest rChat? https://github.com/zorker/rothui/commit/c0afa57c45ea6998c54abbae59bd3775c4f7273c#diff-06506b3a2be4bebaa6408b1b4c2c946c How do you get them to pop up, because I don't get those. Have you pulled out one of the chat windows? I will look into tha...
File: oUF_Simple08-17-18
I played DK for a bit and to be hon...
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I played DK for a bit and to be honest I never had to care about runes. Your actionbuttons will light up all the time and you just press what is available. If you really need runes you can install an addon that displays them.
File: Zork UI08-16-18
@Ironmoney That bug is fixed in th...
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@Ironmoney That bug is fixed in the GIT repository already. You need to update to the latest rTooltip. I'm pretty happy with the ui atm. Will release a new version tonight with all the latest bug fixes.
File: Zork UI08-15-18
rStatusButton is released. http://...
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rStatusButton is released. http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24772-rStatusButton.html
File: Zork UI08-15-18
Re: azerite power
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@Flacdav I am currently working on a new addon. Should be ready by tonight. Still a work in progress atm. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/tree/master/wow8.0/rStatusButton @Illuminati The ExtraActionButton is working fine. By changing the value you corrupted the button list. The name is just a prefix that is needed for the butt...
File: Zork UI08-13-18
The blue tinted tooltip only appear...
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The blue tinted tooltip only appears on world objects (mail,portals etc.). It is sth Blizzard decided to do on the C-side. I could fix it by hooking the tooltip OnUpdate which I decided not to do. The tooltip coloring works perfectly fine on everything except those world objects. So no biggy.
File: rButtonTemplate08-12-18
Re: Old skin
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You create your own template and replace the media files (button textures) with the ones from rActionButtonStyler.
File: Zork UI08-04-18
@dipablo Use Notepad++ and make su...
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@dipablo Use Notepad++ and make sure to save the file in Utf8. @illuminati No. Blizzard did someone wierd stuff with it (placements). Need sth else. Will look into it and come up with sth else. @vezill It is by default on mouseover. You can adjust it in your layout. @stin To to check back on arena and out of range check with t...
File: Zork UI07-30-18
That bug only happens when the acti...
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That bug only happens when the actionbuttons change after the vehicle/override condition is already set. To fix it hit your bar swap keybind. Go to bar2 and back. We only have access to macro conditions.
File: rButtonAura07-28-18
New attributes: form, spec, require...
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New attributes: form, spec, requireSpell With the new attributes auras can be configured to only be displayed when a certain spell is present or a certain form and/or spec is present. --config example local character = UnitName("player") ----------------------------- -- Aura config for Xia (Drood) ----------------------...
File: rButtonAura07-27-18
So how can I add some ButtonAuras n...
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So how can I add some ButtonAuras now? With editing the config.lua on buttonaura_zork folder? If so, how can I setup it per character, since it registers auras based on the button, not spell id. Or am I missing something? You either make one config addon per character or you add a condition for player name. I do this with rFilter...
File: Zork UI07-27-18
Thanks for all of the continued wor...
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Thanks for all of the continued work over the last many, many years Zork. I have used your addons for an absolute age and they're a staple of good practices. Thanks mate. Best of luck in BfA!
File: Zork UI07-26-18
@Darkspy Thanks. The bug is alread...
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@Darkspy Thanks. The bug is already fixed on the GIT repository. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/issues/56 A new version will be uploaded tonight. You could grab the GIT version just now if you like. Once the dust (aka 8.0.1) has settled I will start uploading the individual addons.
File: Zork UI07-25-18
@Dipablo I need to update rFilter....
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@Dipablo I need to update rFilter. It is one of the last addons that needs fixing. That way you would have two options for buff/proc highlighting. Either rFilter or rButtonAura. If you want to filter target buffs or debuffs for player only you can provide the .filter attribute in the target unit config for your debuff settings. h...
File: rCompassCastbar07-24-18
As of 800.20180724 the addon suppor...
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As of 800.20180724 the addon supports GCD!
File: Zork UI07-24-18
Currently testing the updated UI un...
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Currently testing the updated UI under 8.0.1. https://github.com/zorker/rothui/tree/master/wow8.0
File: rButtonAura07-23-18
Update for BfA is finished. I decid...
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Update for BfA is finished. I decided to scrap the ingame config. There is a seperate config addon now that can be used to setup the buttons per character. rButtonAura itself is just a framework now.
File: rCompassCastbar07-23-18
Fix is incoming. They removed spell...
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Fix is incoming. They removed spell ranks. *edit* Update for BfA is available.
File: Zork UI07-18-18
Thanks ihapless. I will be late...
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Thanks ihapless. I will be late to the party with BfA. I will play it for sure but not sure about the time schedule yet. :-)