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File: LootWhatIWant11-29-09
Re: Re: Wow! Thank You!
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Originally posted by dardack Well as requested delete all greys has been added (/lwiw deleteallgrays) (yes it's not spell correct on purpoes). Greens really? send those for DE alt and make mad cash. Whites, i probably will never add, as quest items, among other things important, are all white. If your in a certain area, adding c...
File: LootWhatIWant11-25-09
Wow! Thank You!
Posted By: uitachi
Thanks! Did use lootfilter before but that had always been sort of buggy then i gave up... but this is working really well, thank you very much! =D Anyway you could add some extra things if you are bored n stuff... like delete all greys/greens/blues/whites and toggle it for only certain regions... Im currently farming Loremaster ach...
File: GloryNow11-24-08
Thank you!
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Nice, thank you! Hate how messed up the blizzard achieve UI is... Would be even better if it also added some tips of how to do it =]
File: SSArena Frames07-25-08
Great addon, thank you! Just this,...
Posted By: uitachi
Great addon, thank you! Just this, could you please set the arena frames to hide on ALT+Z? Thank you again.