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File: Bagnon09-10-13
What is this g*d-awful blue glow ov...
Posted By: ccox
What is this g*d-awful blue glow over all my inventory slots? It seems to disappear once I mouseover most of the slots, but then reappears after a UI reload. I've tried changing all the bagnon UI controls and can't seem to get rid of it.
File: Minimal Archaeology01-14-11
Reproduced it tonight -- it happens...
Posted By: ccox
Reproduced it tonight -- it happens when a keystone is set in the solution panel, or "always use keystone" is set in the prefs. Turning off the keystone gets rid of the delays and memory leak. And it leaks/hangs everytime something changes in your bags (weird).
File: Minimal Archaeology01-10-11
While running around levelling arch...
Posted By: ccox
While running around levelling archeology, the memory used by this addon climbed steadily to 16 MB (passing auctioneer), and my FPS dropped at the same time (which could be coincidence, but not likely given an active memory leak attributed to the addon). A general archeology bug probably wouldn't explain the memory leak, nor the dro...
File: Minimal Archaeology01-08-11
Not a bad idea - but you have a mem...
Posted By: ccox
Not a bad idea - but you have a memory leak (watch the usage go up, and up), and whatever is going on it also drops framerates. I went from 120 FPS to 5 FPS in half an hour with this addon loaded. Reloading UI reset the memory usage and the FPS... for a while. So, I'll be disabling this addon until you can get it behaving reason...
File: TourGuide10-16-10
Storm Peaks?
Posted By: ccox
The latest version seems to be missing the guide for Storm Peaks. I think it was there in the last release (because I was using it). There is a Storm Peaks files for Alliance, but not Horde in this release.
File: Outfitter11-02-09
error on new build
Posted By: ccox
edit - looks like the same as JeyKama's error, just with more details. This is on my DK, whenever I switch to frost presence. Blood and Unholy don't seem to do it. Also, when this occurs, my sound effects get turned off for some reason. Date: 2009-11-02 17:27:07 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddO...