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File: GSE: Gnome Sequencer - Enhanced - Advanced Macros08-01-16
Can you use GN-E for procs?
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Im wondering if there is a way to have a sequence where a spell is used if only a spell is proced. For example, on a frost DK if specced into Frostscythe, i would like it to be used only when killing machine has proced/gained the buff. So that Obliterate doesnt consume the use of Killing Machine proc/buff Also is there a list or s...
File: MyFonts04-16-15
Nice addon, but it seems i have alo...
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Nice addon, but it seems i have alot of fonts, i guess thru shared media, but being that i have alot when i click on the drop down menu for show my fonts it only shows fonts that fit on screen, no slider bar to scroll up and down to my other fonts.
File: Capping01-28-15
Thanks for the update, 1 thing i wo...
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Thanks for the update, 1 thing i would like to see is a gate %HP for BGs like Isle of Conquest.
File: xanExp09-26-12
Saw this addon and thought it would...
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Saw this addon and thought it would be perfect for me and just what i need, but when i log on to my toons i dont see it anywhere on my screen i even do the slash command and the commands dont even come up just gives me that default /help message. I have it enabled. And i missing something ?
File: Tidy Plates10-27-11
Not sure if this has been mentioned...
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Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but the filter unit option does not seem to be working, i wrote in the name of the mobs who name plates i want to hide but so far they dont seem to go away. Im using the newest build of tidy plates but updated from a older version.
File: FairComboPoints208-20-11
Love the addon!!! Was wondering wou...
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Love the addon!!! Was wondering would it be possible to change the combo point texts, i want to make the finish words different color or even play a sound when you have full combo points, but great addon!!!
File: shNameplates05-03-11
Also wondering if in time will ther...
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Also wondering if in time will there be a way to hide the plates of some named mobs?
File: shNameplates04-30-11
is it possible ?
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Thought i would give this addon a try after seeing a few times here, but i was wondering if i it can be config like a old name plate i used to use that has been updated for a while. I tank 9 times out of 10 and i wanted to make it so when i have aggro the border is red and when i lose aggro its yellow, makes it easier to see in tra...
File: Tidy Plates04-29-11
Originally posted by Lane I fixed...
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Originally posted by Lane I fixed my green box problem by quitting WoW deleting all local Tidyplate files and folders then downloading new. When I first updated I only replaced files and got the green boxes. YMMV Yea this worked for me too!
File: Tidy Plates04-11-11
Re: Re: Settings
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yeah was trying that out few mins ago, In raids i tank so going to try this out in a raid come next raid reset, will it change color to what i set it if i lose threat on a target? Originally posted by danltiger Change your theme to Neon/Damage, and give that a shot.
File: Tidy Plates04-11-11
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I cant seem to get some settings to work the way i would like. For instance in your preview pics here for neon i would like to have it have those 3 red triangles show up for me when i have full threat. I can get them to show up for low or no threat but once i have the mob on me they just go away. What settings do i need to have on fo...
File: HoPo - The Holy Power Monitor11-04-10
some bugs i noticed
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Love the add on, i use it with out the spinning animation. But there are 2 bugs i noticed so far. 1, when out of combat the 1st charge of holy power is still showing way after im out of combat. 2, Some how the 2nd charge of holy power rotated to be in a horizontal position.
File: CCP (Class Combo Points)10-16-10
Like this lil addon but i wanted to...
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Like this lil addon but i wanted to make the font size lil larger, im pretty i just scaled the size in the lua but doesnt seem to be taking effect.
File: FocusSpell08-05-10
This addon looks pretty good, i hav...
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This addon looks pretty good, i have yet to try cause of a feature i was wondering you could add. Is it possible to also add target of target? Also in time maybe add features like Font and position of stacks/timer. Also a way to see what spells where added to make it easier to find and delete ones not needed.
File: Bakors Unit Frames07-08-10
lil new
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I wanted to try this to replace grid but i cant seem to see the frames in or out of raids. Is there a config mode so i can test and set it up th way i like but i guess the main thing i cant seem to see any frames atm, seems like im doing something wrong.
File: ProcWatch04-24-10
Started to use this for my DK and i...
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Started to use this for my DK and it been real helpful, but i thought about using this for my pally tank for when i need to watch the other tanks debuff to taunt off. Only thing is i dont think is supports target of target. Have you ever given any thought of option to monitor target of target?
File: NeedToKnow04-20-10
thanks for the info on the icon bas...
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thanks for the info on the icon base version. Yeah they dont have all the features as needtoknow and there buff/debuff settings dont seem to be working to well and it could use a few timing features. Guess im to spoiled on needtoknow.
File: TellMeWhen04-19-10
Tired this today but seem to be hav...
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Tired this today but seem to be having trouble, cant get target of target to work the way i want to, i can get it to work if i do player but then target of target doesnt, pretty sure i got the right debuff spelled that i tested it on cause it worked for player just not ToT. Was using needtoknow but wanted a icon base one for certain...
File: NeedToKnow04-19-10
Been using this addon for some time...
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Been using this addon for some time now, but was wondering if you would be will to make or add totally icon based version of need to know instead of bars?
File: IceHUD04-06-10
New to IceHud
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Was wondering if there was a option to swap some bars, what im trying to do it have my hp and mana bars on the left and have all my targets bars on the right. Or do i have to manually do that to each bar?
File: Tidy Plates: Knurl Theme (With PVP Class Icons)03-19-10
Is there anyway you could add the "...
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Is there anyway you could add the "tug of war" option that you just added to default tidy plate? I been using this theme for awhile and just really used to it but i also like the new tug of war you made.
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!11-23-09
Tried in many Battle grounds and ev...
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Tried in many Battle grounds and even a few raids, so far have not had a single problems and seems to be working like it used too, thanks
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!11-18-09
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I have been getting some lua errors popping up for me and making need to know now work right. These are some of the errors i got, i get them in raids and in a battle ground. At first thought it was only battle grounds but then happens in raids too. Message: Interface\AddOns\NeedToKnow\NeedToKnow.lua:372: bad argument #2 to 'find'...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!09-10-09
I still seem to be having a trouble...
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I still seem to be having a trouble with target of target. I trying to get it for 10/25 toc and ulduar bosses but so far i cant get it show my target of targets debuff, using it on the first boss in 10/25 man toc. Im pretty sure im spelling Impale right lol. Also how does Spell ID work, i see the option to click it but then what?...
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!09-07-09
target of target
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I use this addon for my DK dps, but i mainly pick it up for my pally tank, i wanted to use it for when my other tank in a raid had one or more debuff on them, but when i set it for target of target, set to debuff and pretty sure i typed in the name of the debuff correctly it doesnt show, in fact none of them seem to show. Works fine...