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File: TuringTest AFK Reporter01-02-11
Still calling 'this'
Posted By: Zyland
Just a note, this addon is still calling on the 'this' value, which is a nil value. (I believe it was taken out in a recent patch from blizzard?
File: Quick Auctions 309-20-10
Running into an odd situation. Q...
Posted By: Zyland
Running into an odd situation. QA is putting some items up at appropriate values. However, other items it will tell me are "queued to be posted," but then it doesn't do anything. I have tried deleting groups and recreating them, I've tried messing with the general settings... I can't seem to make it post those auctions, when I hav...
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns09-11-10
Can't find bug report area
Posted By: Zyland
Last update from curse seems to have fixed most things. How do I get it so that my default buff / debuff frame is hidden? Does this addon do that?
File: NPCScan07-05-09
Quick response time, thanks! I...
Posted By: Zyland
Quick response time, thanks! I'll try to be a little more observant of bug tracker locations in the future. D:
File: NPCScan07-05-09
3.2 PTR Error
Posted By: Zyland
I didn't see a suggestion/bug tracker area, though it is likely I missed it. In the options UI, the lists of mobs are not listed. Will provide further testing to see if it still alerts for the mobs that should be listed. (It does tell me that putridius is already in my cache) Again, this is with the 3.2 PTR, just trying to...
File: [DISCONTINUED] Random Access Mount 3 (Beta)05-28-09
Argent mounts are missing. Are...
Posted By: Zyland
Argent mounts are missing. Are you still updating this?
File: ZoneDefense02-18-09
Just curious, but did you come up w...
Posted By: Zyland
Just curious, but did you come up with a filtering method, so I can turn some areas off? (IE, Venture Bay off, but still hear if other areas of Grizzly Hills are under attack)
File: Stalker02-15-09
Still getting problems with it taki...
Posted By: Zyland
Still getting problems with it taking priority as channel #1. Perhaps put like a 3 minute delay before it joins the channel StalkerAddonIU? Also, why is it IU instead of UI?
File: Bang! Wintergrasp 202-01-09
Re: Re: Channel for communications
Posted By: Zyland
Originally posted by Bangerz I have coded to try to stop this from happening, and in my own experience it hasnt happened yet. I guess I'll just have to try it out then. Thanks for the reply. edit - No problems thus far. Good job.
File: Bang! Wintergrasp 201-30-09
Channel for communications
Posted By: Zyland
Does anyone have any issues with this one? With many of the others, they like to make their communication channel my new #1, and making all of the rest of my channels increase by one. Just curious if this one shares the same symptoms.
File: Poisoner01-27-09
If I knew what I was doing in lua,...
Posted By: Zyland
If I knew what I was doing in lua, I would try to help, but alas, the book I bought on it is mostly unused. =/
File: Talent Planner01-26-09
Thanks, guess I'll give it a try th...
Posted By: Zyland
Thanks, guess I'll give it a try then. It is always a hassle to alt tab to those talent builds. =/
File: Talent Planner01-22-09
Just making sure I have this right,...
Posted By: Zyland
Just making sure I have this right, but if I had this addon, it would allow me to save (for instance) two different talent builds, so that when I actually go to reset my talents, I don't have to alt tab to find the build?
File: Paranoia Enemy Player Alert01-22-09
I'm also glad you've gotten your it...
Posted By: Zyland
I'm also glad you've gotten your itch back. I've been looking, still, for a reliable addon so I can drop this memory hog I'm using now. GL with the programming. If I have ideas about information about the bar, I'll let you know. (Maybe a projected honor from the target?)
File: Poisoner01-19-09
Just a suggestion
Posted By: Zyland
How hard would it to be to create a graphical UI to go along with this for the options (the /poisoner ones), and to add an auto-buy feature, similiar to what lunarsphere does for regeants for all classes? (In Lunarsphere, you drag the items into an area, and set the quantity that you want of that item. Then, it'll automatically buy i...
File: Wintergrasper12-18-08
Posted By: Zyland
This bar is huge, and I haven't found a way to scale it yet. Also, it seems that talking to the npc that informs you when the next wintergrasp battle is won't help, as it needs you to zone into Wintergrasp.
File: Afflicted312-18-08
I probably need to play with mine,...
Posted By: Zyland
I probably need to play with mine, but I haven't seen this yet, though I could be blind. Is there something to turn on for things like Death and Decay or Consecration to show how often it goes off, similar to the way the totem bar shows when a totem activates? The knowledge of when the pulses go off could be useful for rogues and...
File: Paranoia Enemy Player Alert12-16-08
Just curious, but would it be hard...
Posted By: Zyland
Just curious, but would it be hard to make this communicate with the punks list of Carbonite Quest? There are a lot of users using that addon, especially as they are leveling, and the added communication could be useful.
File: Intel12-15-08
Re: Wintergrasp
Posted By: Zyland
In regards to Wintergrasp: 1) Like the towers 2) The shouts in Dalaran 3) When checking the NPC in Dalaran that tells you how long until it starts, update it (if possible) 4) When working with zonedefense, if it finds it in the world defense channel that Wintergrasp is under attack edit - 5) Communication between other user...
File: [DISCONTINUED] Random Access Mount 3 (Beta)11-06-08
Thank you for correcting it. I'm us...
Posted By: Zyland
Thank you for correcting it. I'm using it with your /run command from the information page. Good addon.
File: [DISCONTINUED] Random Access Mount 3 (Beta)11-05-08
An interesting situation. I have...
Posted By: Zyland
An interesting situation. I have two flying mounts, the Swift Green Windstrider and the Green Windstrider. The addon will summon either one, with "F," 50% of the time. I thought F was supposed to only cast the 280% flyer?
File: Prat 3.010-17-08
Originally posted by sylvanaar Fi...
Posted By: Zyland
Originally posted by sylvanaar Fixed in the latest build. I'm using Beta (49), and I am still able to repeat this issue. I have tested with other addons turned off, and I tested it w/o Prat enabled. It narrowed down to Prat deciding that /2 should be white, and won't let me save any other colors to it. I'll try to continue...
File: Prat 3.010-16-08
In note of it not saving colors, yo...
Posted By: Zyland
In note of it not saving colors, you can see this if you adjust Trade's color, then leave city and return.
File: Battleground Data Tracker09-21-08
Kinda big error...
Posted By: Zyland
Practice Arena and actual Arena is factored into the overall total. Noticing your lack of responses on this addon though, I'll probably drop it.
File: ZoneDefense08-10-08
To be honest, I'm not sure.
Posted By: Zyland
To be honest, I'm not sure.