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File: Exonumist - Currency Tracker12-07-12
Addon stopped working
Posted By: Orion Assante
I decided to redo my UI yesterday so I started from a clean install and began loading addons one at a time. When I loaded Exonumist I got the error below and it's not tracking currencies for any of my toons. I tried it again with no addons except Exonumist loaded and still no joy. As far as I know it had not thrown any errors prior t...
File: Button Forge09-10-12
BonusBar working!
Posted By: Orion Assante
The BonusBar is working perfectly for me with your latest update, at least at the Argent Tourney. Many, many thanks for taking the time to address this issue and for coding a great addon all around!
File: Button Forge09-03-12
Bonus Bar
Posted By: Orion Assante
- as an aside Button Forge's Bonus Bar clone no longer works (I may or may not be able to resolve that, but to my knowledge I don't think it would be a priority for many if any players). If I'm understanding things correctly this is why the Button Forge bar I use when in vehicles is no longer visible when I joust at the Argent tourn...
File: Button Forge08-29-12
Vehicle Bar
Posted By: Orion Assante
My Bonus Bar is not working since 5.0.4. The only place I've tested it is the Argent Tourney; when I get on a mount to joust there is no bar visible. Tried creating a brand new Bonus Bar and double checked all visibility settings, but it still wasn't visible when I jumped on the mount.
File: !InventoryItemLevels07-31-12
Just wanted to add my compliments t...
Posted By: Orion Assante
Just wanted to add my compliments to the list, love this add-on! But I will 2nd the 'wish it worked with Bagnon' sentiment.
File: Bagnon08-11-10
Re: Profiles
Posted By: Orion Assante
Originally posted by loctrinh01 Can you add a feature for us to load one profile of settings for all character. I second this! Would love to have profile support for this addon.
File: Low Memory Chat12-21-09
Timestamp coloring
Posted By: Orion Assante
First off, love the addon and appreciate your work to keep it up to date. One feature request would be the ability to assign a separate color to the timestamp. I tried another chat mod (BasicChatMods I believe) that had this functionality and I found it really made it easier to pick-out the time from a given line in the chat window....
File: TotemCaddy02-06-09
Re: Is anyone else having problems unzipping this file?
Posted By: Orion Assante
Originally posted by khromat When I double-click to extract the files from the zip file, instead of a directory folder I get another page-icon with an added .cpgz at the end of the zipfile name.... clicking on that gives me another copy of the .zip file and so forth. Help? P.S. I'm running Leopard on a Macbook Pro, using the...
File: TotemCaddy11-28-08
Re: Re: Rockbiter missing?
Posted By: Orion Assante
Originally posted by Raptorjamez1 With 3.0, Blizzard took out all the ranks of Rockbiter after level 30, as Windfury is designed to replace it. And seeing as how TotemCaddy is for Shamans post 30, I figured it wasn't necessary to put it in. Thanks for the clarification. I wasn't aware of the change in 3.0 but given that informati...
File: TotemCaddy11-26-08
Rockbiter missing?
Posted By: Orion Assante
Not sure if I'm missing it but Rockbiter does not show up among my weapon buffs. Anyone else notice this?
File: FuBar 3.6.511-18-08
Originally posted by Smurfdaddy M...
Posted By: Orion Assante
Originally posted by Smurfdaddy Many if not all the Ace addon community's addons have already been posted on other sites (with the passing of the wow ace updater). I'm sure we all have our "reasons", but to me, giving up on a great addon (that IS btw still being kept up to date) just because of where it's hosted seems pretty sil...
File: FuBar 3.6.510-31-08
Author not updating here anymore
Posted By: Orion Assante
It appears that ckknight is no longer updating his FuBar mods (or any others for that matter) on this site. His last FuBar updates here on WoWInterface were all on 3/25 but all of those mods have more recent updates on Curse. Shame because I personally don't like using the Curse site and especially the Curse client.