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File: iipui07-21-18
Re: Re: Bug ish
Posted By: Sasenna
Your fix has worked perfectly. TBH didn't expect you to fix it all let alone so fast. Another minor issue i have noticed. The actionbars will not go away in combat if you mouseover the bottom of the screen. I have the options 'Expand actionbar in combat" and "Always show actionbars" UNCHECKED. My quick fix for myself has just bee...
File: iipui07-20-18
Bug ish
Posted By: Sasenna
The minimap moves to the top right of the screen when the addon XIV_Databar is enabled. Link to screenshot of it: https://imgur.com/YwT55Jz
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-17-16
Re: Class Bar
Posted By: Sasenna
@b0b3rman rInfoStrings Hello and gz for the amazing addon, just one question, how do I remove the thing that says the location you are, coordinates, ms and fps (it's right on top my minimap and I can't see)? Thanks!! :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-25-16
Re: Re: Re: My Input...
Posted By: Sasenna
@Galaxy119 Try xOffset and yOffset for the party. I made the party frames vertical back in the beginning of Cata and had to use those values for placement. Otherwise clicking the frame was off. example try to click PartyFrame2 and instead it would select PartyFrame1. #5 - I need your help with something Yes party. I see, Perha...
File: Sas Diablo11-21-15
Solved on oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)...
Posted By: Sasenna
Solved on oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition) Open oUF_Diablo/config.lua with text editor. Scroll to the very bottom and add -- Player Frame Combat Fading local function PlayerFrame_OutCombat_Update() oUF_DiabloPlayerFrame:SetAlpha(0.1) -- Fully invisible outside combat, set between 0-1. 0 being invisible end local f = Creat...
File: Sas Diablo08-19-15
Re: Copying frame layout between alts
Posted By: Sasenna
Open World of Warcraft\WTF\account\ACCOUNTNAME\Server\CharacterName copy layout-local.txt from the character that was setup to the alts that need setup Hiya, I've moved most of the unit frames and castbars on my main using the /diablo commands, however I cant seem to figure out how to copy those changes to my alts without ma...
File: SasUI08-19-15
Re: Re: Preview of new update
Posted By: Sasenna
You will need a text editor, notepad works but it very limited. I personally use Notepad++. It can be set to LUA syntax for much easier reading. Open World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\SasUI\config.lua For visible PlayerFrame at all times. Look in cfg.units under player then find combat change show = true, to show = false, ( s...
File: ConsolePort07-31-15
Love this addon
Posted By: Sasenna
Was wondering if you were thinking of designing an ActionBar Set to go along with this, I saw you are working on Diablo style inventory. Maybe something similar to FF14 Cross HotBar http://i.imgur.com/y0HdJtl.png *image from Google images*
File: SasUI07-27-15
config.lua bar2 --BAR 2 bar2 =...
Posted By: Sasenna
config.lua bar2 --BAR 2 bar2 = { enable = true, --enable module uselayout2x6 = false, scale = 0.82, padding = 2, --frame padding buttons = { size = 26, margin = 5, }, pos = { a1 = "BOTTOM", a2 = "BOTTOM", af = UIParent, x = -1, y = 213 },...
File: SasUI07-27-15
Open World of Warcraft/Interface/Ad...
Posted By: Sasenna
Open World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/SasUI/config.lua Search for the bar you are looking for. MainActionBar = Bar1 MultiBottomBarLeft = Bar2 MultiBottomBarRIght = Bar3 MultiRightBar = Bar4 MultiLeftBar = Bar5 Default setup has the all bars but Bar1 set to hide. Bar2 and PetBar appear in combat. Bar3 is attached to Bar4 a...
File: oUF_Diablo07-25-15
Re: Health bar?
Posted By: Sasenna
Zork uses the orbs as the playerframe. If you want to have a more traditional playerframe then use this link. I keep it updated for those that like Zork's style but want a playerframe over the orbs. I enabled my portrait for the ui, but when i did the health bar widget didnt show up underneath it i really would like to replace...
File: rFilter07-19-15
Trying to get Asphyxiate to replace...
Posted By: Sasenna
Trying to get Asphyxiate to replace Strangulate. I get the icon to appear but the cooldown tracker does nothing for it. --deathknight defaults if player_class == "DEATHKNIGHT" then --default deathknight buffs cfg.rf3_BuffList = {} --default deathknight debuffs cfg.rf3_DebuffList = {} --default death...
File: oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)07-09-15
Re: Player level doesn't update on level up.
Posted By: Sasenna
Yea I ran into the issue years ago. Never bothered to fix since I only keep this updated for people that want RothUI (Diablo) style but not orbs. Anytime the game reloads it updates the level anyway, annoying but works. I noted this while playing. I am going to use the player level up event to call update of the player frame....
File: SasUI07-04-15
Preview of new update
Posted By: Sasenna
http://i.imgur.com/K1T9Lj0.jpg ONE Config file for: UnitFrames: PlayerFrame, TargetFrame, FocusFrame, CastBar for all 3, ArenaFrames, BossFrames, ExpBar, RepBar Bars: MainActionBar, MultiBottomBarLeft and Right, MultiBarLeft and Right, MicroMenu, Bags Aurora to skin the frames. Config example: --get the addon namespace...
File: New Openables07-02-15
Posted By: Sasenna
Only have New Openables and Swatter running getting this error Date: 2015-07-02 14:49:04 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\NOP\nop-button.lua line 27: attempt to call method 'SetInside' (a nil value) Debug: NOP\nop-button.lua:27: ButtonSkin() NOP\nop-button.lua:208: ButtonLoad() NOP\nop-...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)06-26-15
Re: 6.2 update?
Posted By: Sasenna
Just check the load out of date addons button. If you really getting annoyed by it you can edit the ToC files of each addon and change ## Interface: 60000 to ## Interface: 60200 Will there be an update for 6.2? I keep getting "Update your addons" screen whenever I launch the client. Your addons are the only ones that are red and "...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)05-02-15
Re: unkickable cast(bar)?
Posted By: Sasenna
Should be built-in already. I haven't used this UI in ages but when I last did I believe there was a shield around the cast bar if the cast could not be interrupted. Hi, would it be possible to add a function to the castbar, that I can see if a cast could be interrupted or not? Something like a lock or a cross or something. E...
File: oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)04-18-15
Re: Re: Re: Fade
Posted By: Sasenna
Actually that code i gave you would have never worked, sorry about that. Wrote it quickly and didn't bother to check it. Open oUF_Diablo/config.lua with text editor. Scroll to the very bottom and add -- Player Frame Combat Fading local function PlayerFrame_OutCombat_Update() oUF_DiabloPlayerFrame:SetAlpha(0.1) -- Fully...
File: oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)04-16-15
Re: Fade
Posted By: Sasenna
Baseline that not supported, would require extra code added in. I can give an example of how to do it. local function PlayerFrame_OutCombat_Update() PlayerFrame:SetAlpha(0) -- Fully invisible outside combat end local f = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent) f:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED") f:SetScript("OnEvent",...
File: oUF_Diablo(Sas Edition)04-07-15
Re: Use only a few
Posted By: Sasenna
Open World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/oUF_Diablo/config.lua in a text editor. For any frame you do not want set it to false. Example No Player Frame: cfg.units = { -- PLAYER player = { show = false, Save file afterwards. Reopen wow, if wow already running then reloadui. ( type /reload in chat and press e...
File: Garrison Jukebox01-24-15
Posted By: Sasenna
Did a clean install of the addon as well. Only Addons running are Garrison JukeBox and Swatter. Date: 2015-01-24 13:46:42 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: AceLocale-3.0: GarrisonJukeBox: Missing entry for 'ICON_RCLICK' Debug: garrisonjukebox\GarrisonJukeBox.lua:228: CreateMinimapIcon() garrisonjukebox\...
File: Sas Diablo01-11-15
Sorry for missing this, been busy w...
Posted By: Sasenna
Sorry for missing this, been busy with holidays lately. InCombat and OutOfCombat tracking not built in this UI I believe. I'd have to test it myself first. I have not actually used this UI in a few years. My style has been closer to that of default Blizzard. However, I do try to keep this up to date for those that like it. Abso...
File: Garrison Jukebox01-04-15
Great Addon
Posted By: Sasenna
Loving this AddOn so far, only played with it for maybe 15 minutes. But noticed that the Horde Garrison was not apart of the default zone list. I added it to my own in World of Warcraft\Interface\AddOns\garrisonjukebox\GarrisonJukeBox.lua -- table holding zone info (name, id) local zonetable = { {"Lunarfall", 971}, {"Frost...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-04-15
Re: how to move this
Posted By: Sasenna
That is the Alternate Player Power Bar move with /rppba lock --will lock the player power bar alt /rppba unlock --will unlock the player power bar alt http://i.imgur.com/7VE41wg.jpg http://i.imgur.com/zCGvbdP.png how to move this it it blot out my character
File: Sas Diablo12-25-14
Glad you like it, I know zork gets...
Posted By: Sasenna
Glad you like it, I know zork gets alot of requests for his player frame to look like the target frame. i figured out the way to do it around 5 years ago now and just try to keep it up to date for others to have. I don't even use his UI for the most part anymore. thanks for this :) I love the Roth UI and especially the Unit Frames...