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File: Vendorizer11-30-11
The addon still seems buying items...
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The addon still seems buying items from vendors that the vendor sells as stacks incorrectly. The fix mentioned below still works (though the line number has changed), but while you're updating the TOC for 4.3, it would be nice to have this fix officially put in. While I'm commenting, this addon has, by far, the best interface of...
File: Revelation09-01-11
I have that issue with it trying to...
Posted By: silverscorp83
I have that issue with it trying to create a different pattern than I choose from the list as well. I do also use Ara Broker - Tradeskills, so I'm going to disable that for a while and see if the addons are conflicting since they both hook into the professions to make shortcuts to crafting items. Problem is I have trouble replicati...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends05-07-11
Thanks for the remote guild chat in...
Posted By: silverscorp83
Thanks for the remote guild chat indication. You're the best.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends04-27-11
Any thoughts on adding the remote g...
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Any thoughts on adding the remote guild chat indicator next to people's names? Is that info accessible to addons? BTW, this addon is great. Sometimes I wonder how people can stand having to open the guild pane to see online members without this.
File: GridStatusShield02-01-10
Re: Re: lot of bugs after last grid update 1.30300.1265
Posted By: silverscorp83
Originally posted by Julith This is probably caused by some other (stupid) addon which overwrites the global variable "debug". Try disabling everything else except grid and gridstatusshield. If it works then you can start enabling other addons to find the addon which caused this problem. Turned out to be ReagentRestocker for me.