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File: Roth UI (Diablo) Galaxy's Revival02-09-18
Quest tracker hide button not working after moving
Posted By: OsiRisRO
Hey, Galaxy, I want to seriously thank you for reviving this UI. I have just installed it (30 mins ago) and I seem to have run into a bit of a bug, I believe. If I move or resize the Objective Tracker, the button to hide/minimize it will not work anymore. If it is of any help, I have moved it to the far right-hand of my screen...
File: MinimalX09-24-08
Little request
Posted By: OsiRisRO
Hy. I must say that the compilation u posted is very nice. :) I like it a lot. Just a slight problem, I need the 1280x1024 resolution version. Is it possible that u can make it compatible with 1280x1024? Just if. :)