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File: Bagnon06-25-09
Locked positions
Posted By: des1963
The old version allowed to lock the position of the inventory bag and still allow the bank to be movable, I find when viewing bank I constantly need to drag the frame to access professions or my character frame. Would it be possible to add separate setting to allow the frames to be locked individually? Thanks, Des
File: Leatrix Latency Fix05-24-09
My latency has never been really hi...
Posted By: des1963
My latency has never been really high but I thought I would give this a test and was happy with the results. Before: 150 - 190 After: 32 - 40 Des
File: JebusMail for WotLK11-19-08
Posted By: des1963
Since updating to the latest version I am missing the "Last" option in the To dialog. Great mod Des UPDATE: I downloaded the version off wowinterface and it works fine. For some reason the newest one on curse.com is a different version revision number scheme and I think possibly an older version. Sorry for false alarm,...
File: AutoAspect10-28-08
Posted By: des1963
Thank you!
File: AutoAspect10-27-08
Posted By: des1963
Is it possible to allow this to be moved, I love the addon but the center screen position is distracting. Thanks, great job, Des