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File: Swindler Preventer11-18-08
I've found an error in the code:...
Posted By: bsmorgan
I've found an error in the code: SwindlerPreventer\GFWOptions\GFWOptions.lua(257): UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth((width or 140), dropDown); Should be: UIDropDownMenu_SetWidth(dropDown, (width or 140)); Regards, Brad
File: BindingsReminder04-27-08
Possible problem with the XML
Posted By: bsmorgan
Please check the \World of Warcraft\Logs\FrameXML.log for errors. Mine contains: 4/26 23:51:38.463 ++ Loading file Interface\AddOns\BindingsReminder\BindingsReminder.xml 4/26 23:51:38.463 Couldn't find relative frame: CENTER With the last line repeated about 100 times. I think the fix is to change the line:
File: PallyPower06-24-07
Version number in the about message
Posted By: bsmorgan
Could you change the about message to report r40639 in addition to or instead of 2.00.48? Perhaps just remove 2.00.48 entirely and replace it with the "r" number. Alternatively, you could go back to bumping the 2.00.48 version number. I'm just having a hard time with some of my guild's addon-fobic paladins because when I ask w...
File: DamageMeters05-29-07
In the file DamageMeters\ChatThrott...
Posted By: bsmorgan
In the file DamageMeters\ChatThrottleLib\ChatThrottleLib.xml remove the middle line: