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File: oUF P3lim11-22-08
add this to the end of oUF_P3lim.lu...
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add this to the end of oUF_P3lim.lua RuneButtonIndividual4:ClearAllPoints() RuneButtonIndividual4:SetPoint("RIGHT", oUF.units.player, "LEFT", -2, 0) RuneButtonIndividual2:ClearAllPoints() RuneButtonIndividual2:SetPoint("BOTTOM", RuneButtonIndividual4, "TOP", 0, 4) RuneButtonIndividual6:ClearAllPoints() RuneButtonIndivid...
File: oUF P3lim10-18-08
Around line 290 "self.Castbar:SetP...
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Around line 290 "self.Castbar:SetPoint('TOPRIGHT', self, 'BOTTOMRIGHT', 0, -7)" Originally posted by Naulabates Hi, this UF looks very well, but how can I move the castbar (player and target). Where can I find the x/y cords in the .lua file? Thanks very much