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File: Minimap Button Frame06-10-09
Feature Request
Posted By: LinuxofGB
I saw this mod in a friends ui and decided to give it a shot. I love it but I have one issue, the minimap button for the mod itself. Could you please make it so you have to hold a modifier key down to move the minimap button or maybe a way to lock it. I find myself right clicking it and draging it away from where I w...
File: Proc Watcher03-20-09
Mod Rename Request
Posted By: LinuxofGB
It really does not track procs so much as it does just normal abilities. For what it is I like it tho the name is just alittle misleading.
File: TipTac03-12-09
Hiding action bar tips in combat
Posted By: LinuxofGB
Is there anyway to get just the tooltips on my action bars to not show up while in combat. I like the option to mouse over players and bosses and see the tooltip but the action bar tooltip mouse over is killing me with the size of some of the tooltips in combat.