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File: oUF_BossBars02-04-11
Thanks for the reply. The new file...
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Thanks for the reply. The new file you uploaded only has the .lua and .toc file, was this intended?
File: oUF_BossBars01-31-11
Is there a way to spawn the bars ou...
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Is there a way to spawn the bars outside of doing instances?
File: NeedToKnow12-17-10
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I play a shaman, at times I'm expected to cc multiple targets with bind elemental and hex. Is there a way to track and watch both targets w/out having to target one and focus the other?
File: oUF_Nivaya11-30-10
I'm having problems getting the exp...
Posted By: Ellute
I'm having problems getting the experience tool tip to show. I had no problems getting it to show along with rested xp until the version prior to this. The experience bar properly shows and auto hides with no problems, but would like to be able to see the tool tips again.
File: oUF_Nivaya10-31-10
Shadow orbs
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Is there a chance you can add the Shadow Priests shadow orbs in the same way you have Paladins holy power?
File: oUF_Freebgrid06-04-10
Originally posted by davidrm15 Th...
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Originally posted by davidrm15 The point is , i have 5 gruop with 8 ppl for see raid move down.The point is , supose have 35ppl in raid, how can limite this number when enter icc automathic for 25 ppl?Cya Ask the raid leader to remove those people in groups 6-8 after the raid has been set. If giving sitting epgp or dkp, the rai...
File: oUF_Freebgrid05-31-10
Re: Re: Position off the player debuffs
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Originally posted by Freebaser Yes, I switched the power colors around to match the style of the hp colors. The actual mana color and hp color are the background and a black semi transparent statusbar is the foreground. Vice versa if reversecolors are choosen. Could you point me to the code that would need to be changed so I c...
File: oUF_Freebgrid05-28-10
4.0 Beta
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This is how I see the beta version. My shaman is full mana in this shot. I can see the bar just fine as I use my mana, but it's opposite of what it was. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/neuen-polizei/WoWScrnShot_052810_025222.jpg This shot shows how it was, which you can see the bars just fine. http://img.photobucket.com/...
File: oUF_Freebgrid05-26-10
4.0 Beta
Posted By: Ellute
I tried this version out. Everytime I did a /reloadui the frames went straight to the middle of the screen, not where I placed them. Had to /freeb, move, /freeb everytime. Huge PITA. The mana/power bar coloring is off. It's the same as the health bar until a player uses mana, then it shows. The class colored mana/power bars were much...
File: oUF_Nivaya04-13-10
Re: Re: focus frame debuffs
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Originally posted by Luzzifus Turning debuff filtering off would be an option. It's only one line in the lua, maybe I'll add that in the next release. This really isn't an option for me. My problem is I'm trying to see debuffs such as Mortal Wound from Stinky/Precious, Gatric Bloat on Festergut.... This isn't ICC only, I don't s...
File: oUF_Nivaya04-12-10
focus frame debuffs
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I was heading to ICC the other night on my tank, I set the other tank as focus so that I could see debuffs. With the tank inside the instance and me outside, I could see the normal instance debuff, but once inside it would not show. As a tank, this would make it easier to watch debuffs to know when to taunt. Also, trying to c...
File: Faceroller_ShadPriest03-04-10
Re: New opner with tier 10 4 set bouns.
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Originally posted by Game92 VT > DP > MB > MF > SW:P > Shadowfiend > IF > MF :D As I have the Black Magic enchant, that changes the opening rotation up. My opening rotation is a full MF > VT > DP > SW:P > MB... Starting with MF procs Black Magic, casting SW:P after 5 stacks of Shadow Weaving, maxing dps. The 4pc T10 bonus...
File: CBuff12-17-09
Buff Alignment
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This happens when I have a second row of buffs. Any idea why it's doing this? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v603/neuen-polizei/Untitled2.jpg
File: oUF_Nivaya12-08-09
3.3 update
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With patch 3.3 out today, is there any chance of an update coming?
File: oUF_Nivaya09-28-09
Pet Frames
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How hard would it be to add pet frames so you can see the health bars while on vehicles? When I go into Occulus, EoE, Ulduar, or a few battlegrounds I can't see the health of the vehicles unless I click on the vehicle/drake itself. It's the only thing I'm really missing as a healer.
File: Cellular09-21-09
Re: Re: Not enough storage problem.
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Also, how can people like a mod if it's crashing their computer? How did they get a chance to try it in the first place? At one point this wasn't an issue and I could use the addon. Again, that makes me think that they're just piling on the chat history and not managing it. History got too big and crashed the game. Wipe, cle...
File: Bartender408-25-09
I just updated and 2 bars are now h...
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I just updated and 2 bars are now hidden/won't show. They all show when I change profiles, but going back to my saved profile goes back to bars 1 and 2 being hidden. Also, going back to the previous version, this problem stays. Everything was fine before the update and now things are all messed up.
File: oUF_Nivaya08-11-09
experience bar
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I used to have the XP bar hidden and show on mouse-over with tooltips, now it always shows. Anybody know how to fix this?
File: oUF_Nivaya08-04-09
Posted By: Ellute
Getting tons of errors, any chance of an update for the patch?
File: Low Memory Chat07-21-09
font size
Posted By: Ellute
Is there any way to change font size below 12 pt? I am trying to change fonts and the one I want to use is too big at 12pt and would like it to go down to 10 or 11pt.