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File: Nameplates Modifier02-28-07
Hrm..the error I'm getting is from...
Posted By: Sykotic
Hrm..the error I'm getting is from X-SSUI, and it's simply saying in my chat window that "The page np could not be loaded", or something to that effect, and won't load the config screen at all, when I type /nameplates. Any ideas?
File: Bagnon12-20-06
Re: Related but Unlrelated errors.
Posted By: Sykotic
Not wrong Meebsy. This 'tainting' business is just a nightmare for the end-user. It is likely a completed unrelated addon that is spreading taint that triggers those vbagnon errors. I think there's an addon there that can track down the original cause, but I don't know how effective it is. Anyway, my suggestion for the next ve...
File: ShardAce12-17-06
Yay for healthstone trading! One...
Posted By: Sykotic
Yay for healthstone trading! One thing though, my middle mouse button is a pain to use and I know many mouse's don't even have one. Wouldn't it be more intuitive to have right click trade the healthstone when there already is one created? That way you only ever have to rely on 2 buttons. Just a suggestion anyway, thanks Norque :)
File: ShardAce12-15-06
Originally posted by Mythik Ok he...
Posted By: Sykotic
Originally posted by Mythik Ok here we go. Seems like all of the errors mention Inflight/Metrognome, which is wierd because they don't happen when I'm flying. Only during combat. But still, maybe there's something wierd going on between the two mods? Library issue? I don't know. Here are some of the errors Yep, it's an embedded...
File: XPBarNone08-24-06
I can't even get the xpbar to show...
Posted By: Sykotic
I can't even get the xpbar to show on screen...is this a problem with 1.12 or is it something else that's conflicting?